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  1. It is a door knocker that my wife liked all I have is the photo attached no other information :( sorry...I would be interested at trying my hand at something similar..I guess my question should have read more along the lines of how would you go about making this :)...I believe it is more advanced for my skill level but just interested in what processes it would take to make...I will have to check out the repousse
  2. I am just getting started in the craft and don't have a lot of knowledge...can someone help me understand how the the knot work was made on this?...I find it interesting...would this be plate steel domed then raised from the back or would it be thick plate pushed back into itself to raise the knot work?...really like the idea of it but can't wrap my head around it just yet lol...any help well received always looking to learn more :)
  3. Just wanted to introduce myself here as well as to the trade...if anyone know of other smiths in my area drop me a line
  4. I maybe able to get back in the shop hopefully this weekend and see what we come up you guys know of a link with a how to on forming a die for collars...say like to tie scrolls together?...thank you all for the quick and very informational replys
  5. Wow you guys are quick to respond...Thank you guys for the input...I was thinking about just hot cutter or maybe small eye punches things of that nature...nothing for cold work...also just started so not much money to invest just trying my hand at my hardy hole is only a small 1/2in square drifted in an rail road anvil I have had for years
  6. Want to start out with saying new to this forum as well as blacksmithing so please take it easy on me :)...I have access to lots of free 304 stainless big bolts, plate, pipe and figured you guys would know better then anyone if it could work for making decent hardy tool?...thank you and looking forward to the feedback