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  1. Thanks for the input. My propane supplier is recommending that I put a first stage regulator set to 30psi at the tank, then run 3/4" sch40 into the shop where I split it to my forge regulators running around 5-15psi. since I don't plan to have more than two forges hot at once it seems suitable. Any thoughts? Thanks, Loren
  2. Hi. Can someone offer some advice or point me in the right direction? I run three forges in my shop and I'm tired of having multiple propane tanks floating around. I would like to upgrade to a single large tank outside feeding a manifold of some sort with each forge having its own regulator control. Would it make most sense to install high pressure pipe through the wall directly from the tank to wall mounted regulators in the shop? Or should there be a step down regulator on the tank with final adjustment at the forges? Or is there a better way? Really appreciate the help -
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