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  1. How do you plan on controlling the horizontal movement?
  2. Will do, lol I would like to avoid all A.S.O's if possible lol..
  3. I would say make it modular, with a Solid middle. I got cad Ill draw something up.
  4. I think for the moment I might just use an I-beam. Mostly just blade forging.
  5. LoL Noted, I noticed people said that they are welding steel plates on them. Worth a xxxx?
  6. http://www.harborfreight.com/garage-shop/anvils/55-lb-rugged-cast-iron-anvil-69161.html#.UyxAAfldW50 Has anyone used the Central Forge Anvil before? Its within my price range, and close to me. I have heard that they get soft in the middle after a few months. Thanks!
  7. I shall sir! I look forward to meeting everyone!
  8. Nice, I will have to look it up, I am wanting to try a bunch of off the wall forge welds.
  9. Wow; all depends on my boss (wifey) lol. I didnt notice, did they say it was free?
  10. Very nice land up that way. I hike all through it very often lol.
  11. I shall sir, I am in the "Acquiring" phase, got around 1/5th of the required materials.. I have the motor assembly and an Idea on how to clutch it.
  12. Yes, I should of googled lol. A bit south for me, how ever I will give it the ol' college try.
  13. Hmmmm steel cord.....

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