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  1. One of my fellow church members that I do a lot of cooking with called me the other day and asked if I was up for a design and fab project for the church cook team. Of course I said sure!!!!, (oil field is real slow now). The last time we got together on a project it took a forklift to move the chili pot that ended up being built. Garland showed up with a 1 Qt. camp coffee pot and says "we need to scale this thing up." then he points to the 10 gal. pot in the back of his truck and says,"I'm thinking that size." Here are some pics of what came out. This is the top and siphon tube out of a 16 gal. keg that I use for a slack tub A Bundt pan and pie plat from my local junk shop. No I didn't shoot the pie plate with a shotgun I put each hole in with a chipping hammer, woody the woodpecker style Clean tee shirt for a filter Pyrex insulator so you can see it perk IMG_1374.MOV it will brew about 6 Gal. of coffee in about 15 minutes. Russell
  2. Here is a hot cut with a coat of linseed oil on it. Russell
  3. Very nice! I saw this post last week and was thinking about it on the drive in this morning. I really like the flowing likes of the knife. Russell
  4. HW The sawdust will catch fire and does smoke ALOT. Must be done in a well vented area! what was left on the parts brushed off by hand in just a few strokes i will post more tomorrow thanks russell
  5. I had not seen this done before so I gave it a try. we use floor sweep to keep dust down when we sweep the concrete shop floor ,it is made of a mix of saw dust and oil and works well for its intended task. Last week I got to wondering if it would work for putting a oil finish on parts so I gave it a try today. I wire brushed one side of a new RR spike and then brought it up to a black heat in a gas forge. I them dropped it in a pan of this stuff and shook it around like I was putting corn meal on fish to fry. the spike was hot enough to smoke and sizzle. After shaking it for a few seconds I just set it down and walked away for a 1/2 hour or so. here is how it came out compared to a RR spike prepped the same way. The lighting in my shop does not do it Justice. the finish is a fairly consistent black and after hand wire brushing does not rub off. Your Mileage May Very Russell .
  6. I made on in high school 25 years ago. I think I just up scaled a #6 Victor trap. Get your hands on a smaller trap that you like the looks of and eye ball it up to what ever size you want would be my advice. If I could do it in a shop class at 15 it could not have been that hard.
  7. If all you value is the anvil your in it at $2.4390 per pound. I paid around 7.00 for my 275# Ridged I figure the hammer head is worth $5.00 so now your down to $2.414 per pound Now that 2.414 Per Pound doesn't include the value of the stand you got with it. with the dim you gave I'll guess the stand to weigh around 365#. add that to the anvil weight and you in at $.877 per pound. Or if you just valued the stand your in at 1.36 Per pound and got a anvil for free. (that's a nice stand by the way!) If a ball bearing bounces on the face I would say you got a real good deal! Russell
  8. Most of my hammers came from junk shops and yard sales for $2.00-4.00. My original cutting hardie finally gave out yesterday. it was a piece of leaf spring welded to a 1" square bar that fit my hardie hole. tongs are where you find them and range from dirt cheap to way to much! When I started I made a set by welding 3/8" rod to a pair of cheap pliers, then I made a unusable set, then a almost usable set, then a butt ugly set, them a ugly set,,,,,,. See the progression here. If you can find a few feet of square tube or square bar that fits you hardie hole grab it and a few feet of 1/2" x 1' bar to make tongs of. A couple of other things to pick up when you run across them are. 3/4 ton truck coil spring (large punches) Small car coil spring (small punches) 3/4 ton truck leaf spring (tools) Hope this helps Russell
  9. Pictures of my new Acme Road Runner special. Anyone know the reason for the large H stamped by the bottom of the horn? Thanks Russell
  10. I have a copy of Mr. Postman's Anvils in America on the way but I'm not patient enough to wait. Can anyone give me a date of Mfg. for a 100 pound Acme anvil SN A134635 I will post pictures later Thank you Russell
  11. From what I can see from the pic you posted the anvil has a almost perfect face!! Don't do anything but work it. Add your location to your login info and you might find a group near by that can help you along.
  12. Where have you been Thomas? I didn't see any post from you for several days and was beginning to worry! How are the chains attached to the shackle on your originals? The book I had just showed the hasp, bail and lock, not how the chain was attached. RWD
  13. I have to admit that as soon as I finished it I walked into the machine shop with it and asked who was thinking about sneaking off early for lunch!!
  14. I try Frosty, I try. I figure life is way to short! I'm sure I'll get in trouble when one of the buys takes something like those to show and tell at school someday. I think I can lay some of the blame for the leg irons on either ThomasPowers or Guru at the other board. One of them told me I should learn how to do a simple lock and suggested the book that that design came out of. Ya ya that's the ticket
  15. My middle son had a pair of plastic leg irons that he bought at Disney World last year that broke last night. It was devastating for a 10 yr old pirate not to have Irons so he could "throw his brothers in chains" last night. I made these for him today. I think I might be in trouble with the wife this evening! RWD
  16. Do you get extra points for merging different century together> this is a very old lathe with a very new dot-peen marking machine fixed to the cross slide this setup works along the same lines. it was a worn out lathe that we mounted a variable speed drill press to the cross slide and is used to perforate pipe. this is one of my favorite ideas. it's a old 4 jaw chuck that we mounted upright and use as a vice. it makes assembly a lot easier. Russell
  17. I will second Thomas's suggestion of Tig welding gloves Russell
  18. Thanks Guys, I'm going to spend the weekend reading the Mokume Gane thread here and give it another try, this is fun!