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  1. Ianinsa, Right or wrong Rugby rates under soccer in my neck of the woods and the only folks watching soccer are under 25 for the most part. I have a buddy who played on a amateur team here in town and most of us never new the league existed. From what Bob told me about it, it sounded a heck of a lot more fun to play,, and watch than soccer. I will try and find the game tonight. Russell To steal a line from someone, I only route for 2 teams. Any team my son is on, and any team playing Canada.
  2. I don't know if its true, or a urban legend that square nails have 4x the friction bite as similar sized round nails. Russell
  3. Looks like a nail to me! Don't try and drive them into a wet stump while they are still at a black heat! (steam powered RPG) Yes, I came close to getting a Darwin award! Russell
  4. Hello Aditya, Good to have you around. Russell
  5. Thanks Bill, Your mention of a short iron now makes something I saw a while back make since. a short wooden handled branding iron someone brought to our meeting. I didn't pay to much attention to how the handle was attached as I was to busy admiring all the forge welding on the iron. the man who brought it was fairly sure it was made per 1900. I will check next month to see if it is still there and have a more educated look at it thanks to you guys.
  6. Manolito, No slight was intended, Sorry if it was perceived that way. Charles and Matto both mentioned leaving a gap between the crossing lines. I am going to give the new owner his iron and tell him about your suggestion of adding a second handle and see if he wants me to add it. If it were mine , after your comment, and a bit of time handle in the iron I would have welded one on. Thank you Russell
  7. Thanks guys! Matto and Charles, Do you think using a suicide wheel and gouging a 1/4" wide X 3/4 deep gouge were the lines intersect will work or do I need to make this thing over for the 3rd time? Russell
  8. The only thing I have ever branded is wood so I take all of the advice I can get! I wonder how flat it actually has to be to work on the backside of a cow in a squeeze shoot? I got the brand on wood by just setting it down under it own weight for a quick 5 count. Russell
  9. I took Charles and Thomas's advice and rebuilt it Does this look a little more like a critter iron than a steak iron? Russell Opps, I forgot the actual picture of the brand!
  10. I actually had a paying job today! What do folks around Texas and Oklahoma charge for a branding iron? Russell
  11. I started a company named Centurion Oil Tools and ran it for 6 months before taking on a partner and incorporating. At that point we renamed the company to Sentry Oil Tools. No Big deal I thought, If you can spell Centurion you can spell Sentry. Wrong!! The first time it was miss spelled was at the tax office when they issued a EIN to Centry Oil Tools. I got that corrected in about 15 minutes,,,I thought. 3 years later I got a call from the state wanting to know why we had not done our state sales tax forms in 3 years. It took me a hour to explain that Centry Oil Tools only existed for 15 minutes and was replaced by Sentry Oil Tools.
  12. Who's John Galt? Looks Good John, and things will start to go faster now that you know what your looking for. By the way the name of my Shop is John Galt Forge but I'm located in Victoria Tx. so I don't think we will be stepping on each other Russell Doerr
  13. Frosty, I have a old choker cable about 1-1/4" in dia that is all kinds of rusty. do you think a good dusting with borax at dull red heat after a good brushing will get it clean enough to weld? Russell
  14. It has a lot more style than my beer keg! Russell
  15. I cant see were it would hurt unless you heat it long enough to see sparkley things. Russell
  16. I would bet on a combo of High carbon steel worked to cold and sharp corners putting stress cracks in the steel at the jaw draw down. Sparklers bad, hammering cold steel bad, sharp corners bad, experience priceless. Russell
  17. Rhitee, I just about feel out of my chair over your last sentence!! So true so true. and until someone has shaved there face with a straight razor they just wont get it!!! I shave after my evening shower because if I tried it in the morning I would need Thomas's SS apron, along with SS pants and boots!
  18. rhitee93 Nice to know there is another person on the board that like a close shave . I have about 5 razors in a rotation but when stropping no longer does the trick I send mine off and have them honed. I have all of the stones, just not the skill or time to develop it! I must second your statement that sharpening a knife is completely different than sharpening a razor! Russell
  19. Get your passport updated and brush up on your Española I have been doing mission trips for years and I have never seen someone committed to go who had to drop out because of funding! Somehow the money always shows up. I'll send you some dates when we have them set. Russell
  20. As far as the sell table goes in the couple of shows I have done, things with cutting edges and points go good. Horse shoes turned into meat forks and steak turners, I add a bottle opener to the end of them for grins. Hatchet heads made from RR spikes, while not the best material, sell well. Fredrick's crosses go well as a demo if you do the saw wore a day before. Russell
  21. Andys MQ the camp is called La Fica (the Farm) and is run by Vida Joven ( young Life) the camp is between Matagalpa and Jinotega. If you want some contact info for the guys down there PM me. Where about are you down there? If you have the time or inclination to go dove hunting I can give you a contact for that also. russell