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  1. Thanks Frosty I will do that!


       I did something by accident that turned out pretty cool when I built my welding table a few years ago.  I had a bunch of 2 ft long 2-7/8" 6.4 PPF EUE pup joints hat had failed inspection and a bunch of used couplings for them. I welded one end of the pup to the bottom of the table top and made a coupling up on the other end a little more than hand tight..  flipped the table over and used a pipe wrench to screw in of out on the couplings to level the table.





  2. Thanks for the idea Thomas!!  I will be putting it to use.


    Toothygrin,  that kinda reminds me of a song from my dance hall days


       " In heaven there is no Beer "

       " That's why we drink it here "

       " and when we go up there "

       " All our friends will be drinking all our beer "


    Put a German accent and a umpapa beat to it and you have Weesatche hall circa 1980 something

  3. I'll let everyone know when the BBQ will be!!   Brisket, beans and all the trimmings,  anyone who wants to drive to Victoria Tx is welcome.  I have been to barn raisings and a derrick raisings but never a Forge Firing. 


    I guess  I did kind of start my own tradition, I finally got around to hanging up some signs I have been holding onto.  One from my first company,  one from my first customer,  one from my dads last shop,  and one from the SOBs who said they would run me out of business.  They are all gone now and I mess all of them.


    Thanks guys..

  4. Thanks for the advice guys!!  Im going to go pull a silver dollar out of hiding and put it under the anvil before I strike the first blow on it,  and a Fredricks' cross sounds like a fine first project!


    Jerry W.,  Mr. Bluntzer and his wife were nice enough to come by yesterday and give some advice on placement of equipment.  Mr. and Mrs. B. are some fine people.


    I will post some Pictures as things come along.


    Thank you


    Russell Doerr

  5. Are there any traditions for opening a new blacksmith shop?


       I have been self-unemployed in the oilfield for the last 20 years building downhole tools and in my current shop for the last 7 years.  When I bought this location it came with 2 buildings, one is 11,000 sq ft the other 6,500 sq ft.  Figuring there is no way to outgrow a11,000 sq ft building so I set up inventory racks and offices in the front, assembly in the middle and I reserved the back corner of the shop for the stuff that keeps me some what sane, welding and fab work.  I leased out the 6,500 sq ft shop to another outfit.


      7 years of unbelievable  growth latter (THANK YOU DEAR LORD !!!)  and picking up the bad habit of blacksmithing and I'm out of room!  The last large fab project I did ( and it wasn't that large) had me on a forklift  moving tables, forges, and anvils out of the way just to flip it over.  Its time for some more room!


       I was able to split the back shop in 2 and re-lease 1/2 to the same outfit that has had it for 5 years and keep 3,500 sq ft.


    I am thinking about naming this new part of my business "John Galt Forge",  so are there any traditions that must be upheld when starting a new blacksmith shop other than taking a vow of poverty? :P












    The last stone I used was a 16,000 grit stone from Japan.  Following that was .5 micron diamond paste on the balsa wood pad. You only need to use these 2 steps about 2 times a year so most men would take their razors to a barber and have it done.  Your location is NYC so you might be able to find a barber shop that can still do the final hone for you. If not look up a place on the web name "straight Razor Designs".  I have done business with them for a few years with no problems and they offer a sharpening service.


    As a side note, new straight razors aren't ready to shave with from the factory, they still need the final honing.



  7. I can finally speak with some confidence on a subject here!!!!! ( I have used a straight razor for the last 6-7 years)


    I think the last stone I use is 16000 grit, then onto a soft balsa wood pad with diamond paste.  I will get you the details when I get home tonight.


    There is a outfit in Virginia that does razor finish sharpening and repair.  If it can be sharpened to true " straight razor sharpness" they can do it for less that you will spend on stones, strops, diamond paste, and time.  I will get their name for you also. 



  8. Thomas

       It is steel and I'm into it for about 1.00 per pound so I don't think I have hurt myself, the back story I got on it puts it in the US for at least 25 years. 


    The face is in bad enough shape that I am thinking about resurfacing so I may put it on a mill and take .050 off and see what it looks like under all the hammer marks and inclusions. I have to admit that I am spoiled to having a nice smooth face on a anvil


     Have you ever seen anyone have any success hard facing and re-grinding a low quality anvil? 

  9. Thomas, I acquired one of those the other day, could be yours! ;) About 50% rebound with a 1" SS ball bearing, sand inclusions in the face, lots of hammer "witness" marks and a 1-1/4" Hardy hole.  Goes across my shop scale at 198#.  There is no qusetion about country of origin because it has MEXICO cast into it with 1" letters.

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