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  1. in the early 80's the was a industrial supply store in town run by a gentleman that sometimes could not see the forest for the trees.  One day I walked in while he was doing inventory on welding glove and got a 5 minute lecture on how stupid the welders around Victoria county were, seams they couldn't figure out that gloves come in pairs and kept walking out with 2 left gloves leaving him with a over abundance of right gloves he couldn't do anything with! 


    I think I managed to keep a straight face for the rest of the conversation.  




  2. Jacobd,


       Get your uncle to find some ammo that is listed as usable in a "trapdoor" Springfield rifle. It should mimic the lower pressures of the black powder loads of old. They will probably come with 405Gr flat nose bullets.  Or if you want to dig into a new "lost Art" hobby, take up loading for the "Black Powder Cartridge Rifle"!   Muzzle loading made it from around the 16th century until present without much of a gap,  reloading with smokeless gun powder (propellant) started around 1890 and is still going strong. But cramming black powder (Explosive) into a self contained brass casing and seating a lead bullet on top of it only ran from about 1863 to 1900, give or take a decade.



  3. Y'all are making me feel better,  keep them coming! 


    I did finish one project today that turned out a bit funny. 


    About a month ago a buddy of mine was at the shop and happened to see some pipe I had just "laying around", an asked if I could cut him a fire ring for his back yard, "a piece of that around a foot long would do perfect!    "Sure" I said, "next time I build a BBq pit I'll cut you a ring". Well my buddy has a better memory than I do so when he texted me today to see if I had got round to cutting it I decided that would be the one project I could finish for the day!  One hour later I texted back that his ring was ready, but he might need some help unloading it.  I don't think many people outside of the metal working world, (and I know my buddy didn't) realize how much a foot of 30" OD 1/2" wall seamed pipe weighs,,,157pounds (by my pallet scale) 




  4. Not sure how off balance the lids are but I KNOW how off balance some of the cooks are!!! :lol: I used 1/2" Square and 1/2x1"  because that's what I had on hand yesterday.  It used about 6-1/2 feet of the square and about 7" of the rectangle,  to me the weight feels about right for the job its doing,  but I overbuild everything.



  5. Jim,


        Our main cook at church is going to be cooking with Dutch ovens on the first of next month, and since Frosty had not seen one of those I was betting our guy hadn't eather so I stole your idea, but not your design (I don't have the skill to pull off one like yours!).


    Here is what I came up with


  6. I have one and I don't think its any louder that a regular chop saw.  I use, and mis-use mine daily. I burnt up a motor when it was a couple of months out of warrantee and I think they charges me 175-200.00 to replace it.  I cut mule shoes on 3.68" OD x 2.441" ID 4140 L-80 80,000 MYS on a regular basis plus regular A-36 up to 1" dia/square daily.


    While the Evolution was out being repaired I put a similar DeWalt in its place. The DeWalt did not hold a candle to the Evolution as far as I am concerned,  the pressed metal table and work clamp fell apart in a couple of weeks.


    the only time is killed a blade was when a old retired plant worker came in with some 3/4" "stainless" he needed cut. I think I got about 1/2 way thru before things came to a halt, I'm fairly sure his "stainless" was in the Inconel family.


    I own a couple of commercial band saws but If the Evo saw were to burn up today I would have another one just like it here tomorrow!





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