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  1. Iron Dwarf,


        Looks like you and I developed the same technique half a world apart with the same results.  About the only difference is I use a MAAP gas plumbers torch with a trigger button to light the wax block (and my gas forges). If you don't have one of the torches look into them, they are quite handy.



  2. I have a 3 burner whisper forge that is the least used forge in my shop.  it works great but entry and exit are a pain for the stuff I work on.  My main home made forge is on its 3 generation and less of a pain for entry and exit for the stuff I work on.  notice it always the "stuff I work on" that is the problem.  If you have a welding and machine shop available to you I suggest you build your own. Start with a small 1 burner and learn from there.  I have 1 store bought and 4 homemade in my shop  and sometimes the "stuff I work on" still wont fit. 



  3. I cant quite figure out the video.  was that the end of you burner?  If it was, and it had no flair on the end, it probably wont work outside of the forge.  that has been my experience at least. 



  4. I'm betting on it being a air problem. To much or to little is the hard part to figure. frosty is the expert and I'm sure he will chime in sometime. Go read the stuff on the gas forge page if it well come up and see if any of it sounds simalur to what yours is doing. What brand is it by the way?  Did you check for dirt dobbers in the burner tubes and rust in the orfuses?  A lot of times that solves a lot of problems

  5. Post some pics of the forge and burners and I bet someone here can diagnose the problem.  A video should help too. 

    Tke the time to add your location to your profile and you might find someone right around to corner from you to trouble shoot it



  6. 55_side_blast.thumb.JPG.ebe9123b1ee84698


    Here is a pic of a 55 side blast.

    The tweer pipe is duct taped into the blower and stuck thru a ragged hole  in the side of the drum cut with a chisel.  The drum was lined with red clay that we spent about a hour hammering into the bottom of it.  It took about 3 hours to build the whole thing, and this was in a country were I didn't speak the language!  It was not pretty but it was up and running on day one.



  7. Like M Cochran said, construction scrap works fine and by brush I mean limbs and such that you clear from trees.  one thing I found funny when burning wood in a forge was that I got more clinker with it than I did coal.  I had to pull out a baseball size lump about every 2 hours.  this probably had to do with the fact that the construction scrap I was using down there had been a live tree a few weeks before,  and all of the scrap was covered in a thin film of mud.


     10-19-15 228.MOV


    In hind sight I know I was using to much air and had the fire built to big, but I was working with what I had and on a tight schedule.


    10-19-15 228.MOV

  8. Anyone have some helpful hints for someone new to reading glasses and cheaters in their sunglasses?  Right now I have readers on a leash around my neck, sun glasses inbound with +2.00 cheaters in them and a box full of clear safety glasses with cheaters in them strung all over the shop.  Any brands y'all can recommend, or habits to get into?



  9. I was told the same thing in school about not using a lighter to start a torch with.  I always figured it came into being when butane lighters hit the seen but if it predates that I would bet frosty is on the right path. matches, Zippos,and butane lighters put the ignition point about 3/4" away from a, more than likely, ungloved hand.



  10. Kozzy,

       I remember resembling your greenhorn remark on new years day 1988.  Nothing like cleaning out a Doall saw sump to impress on a young man that the working world doesn't care if you stayed out all night, you still have to go to work in the morning!  I would have fired me, but I think the foreman had more fun watching me almost gag to death!



  11. I wanted to make a knife so I did one the stock removal method,  then someone told me that all "REAL" knives are forged. so I built a forge and bought a anvil.  I don't think I have finished a knife yet, but I sure have had fun for the last few years.


    real job is as a small business owner in the oilfield.

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