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    As of right now I am the only crewman for my District for NC Forestry, I am also a certified Firefighter and waiting on state to finish up my stuff for my EMT, I love hunting fishing and all kinda of roughneck country stuff, I have always been interested in Black Smithing but either have been too busy with life or had no place to set up to do anything, now I have been doing some research for the past 6 m and have started to mess around.

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  1. Ok here is my problem, up untill about realalisticly 10 min ago I thought railroad tracks were all the same.. granted this is also after I was able to get a full section of track from a co-worker, I plan on making a starter anvil. I know what my cuts and measurements as in length are going to be but my problem is I think i have the wrong type track, I have a section of Flat bottom and the foot is 4 inches (the part that sits on the ties) and the head is 2 inches (the part the train rides on) now my cousin and I are super excited we finally have something to make an anvil with, but he thinks the head is supposed to be the same size as the foot but that is a Bullhead type track in which I CANT FIND ANY lol eastern NC I love this place but people are so selfish when it comes to scrap, So my question is this, Will my flat bottom with a measurement of 2 inch head and 4 inch foot be perfect for an amature with no real shop just a shed, and if so should i use the head or the foot for striking surface?