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    I am afraid that Mr Hofi is mistaken.

    #1: There is no such thing as a Swedish hammer in Sweden just as there are no Danish pastries in Denmark - They are referred to as Vienna-breads. On the European continent, however, the type is known as Scandinavian or Swedish.

    #2: I own one hammer of the type I believe Mr Hofi refers to. It is probably 80 years old and is the only one of that type I am aware I have seen in Sweden. I rarely use it since it usually is too light for me.      

    #3: Swedish workers use German type Schlosser Hammers or carpenter's claw hammers so any reference to damage would be to these types of hammer

    #4: The number of blacksmiths in Sweden is so insignificant that they would not appear in the statistics.

    #5: The 2013 statistics give 203 hammer accidents  out of 1800 These figures make hammers no 4 not No 1. Figures for 2914 are 178 out of 1705. I am surprised that Mr Hofi understands Swedish.