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  1. I can completely agree with your input, however as I my work will be limited, at least for the percievable future, to practical items and requests from friends and family, I don't believe I'll be making anything in such quantities as to necessitate that sort of assistance. My outlook on the craft is as both a personal passion, and a practical survival tool. The ability to create what you need from fire and scrap metal gives a certain self sufficiency that is very important to me. However, don't take this as an affront to those who incorporate the modern aspects. I have a respect for all those
  2. Here's to a long journey....

  3. I appreciate the input. I will certainly do that.
  4. After some time of deliberation, I have finally found the where-with-all to start assembling my forge. I have had great trepidation in embarking upon this venture; Partly from fear that I would fail miserably, and partly from logistical inablilty. All that withstanding, I am currently converting a charcoal grill into a portable forge, and in the process of aquiring the few bare essentials required to begin. One aspect of my personal outlook on the craft, a general distaste for anything modern, has made it both easier and more difficult in getting arranged. While remaini
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