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  1. I have more or less settled on a design. i am going to use 2, .75 inch burners in a forge that is 8 inches wide, 8 inches high and about 10 inches deep. this gives me 640 cubic inches or about 320 cubic inches per burner. i will have the burners about 3 inches from each end of the forge, set about 3 inches from the top of the shell to the top of the flare. i will use fire bricks for the floor so there is something flat to put material on. the burners will be conected to 20 lb lp tanks using valve to limit the flow into the hose and a ball valve to control amount of gas into burner. i will post drawings when i get them made up. the lining will be between 2 and 3 inches of kaowool.
  2. Thank you very much dodge, this was the info i needed to start looking at possible forge bodies. thanks
  3. i dont need it to be that spesific, all i need is a rough range to start in and then i can fine tune it from there.
  4. so from what i am understanding, it sounds like the most important thing i need to know to start designing is how many cubic inches one of these .75 inch reil burners will bring up to welding heat. once i have that figure, i can start designing the forge to fit that requirment. i am planning on lining with at least 2 inches of kaowool and using a few firebricks as a floor. ive scene that most are saying in the range of 300-400 cubic inches is about what these little guys will heat up that high. if someone could give me a closer range so i can start finding possable containers. thanks
  5. Hey guys, name's Nick. I am quite new to gas forging, my only previous experience being with a really bad soup can forge. i was going to use coal but an very on the fence, due to the fact that i live in the city and and my coal supplier is very far out of town, because of this, i want an equally effective gas forge where i can hopefully even attempt forge welding. i have been looking around and decided on the reil burner design using a .75 inch burner tube. i have found a company that sells kaowool in the 2 inch thick range. because i have never built a gas forge, i am unsure about what dimensions i should use. i wish to get it up to welding heat and so i assume that the smaller the inside diameter, the more heat that burner will put out. i also am unsure wether i should put the burner on the top or side. I've been kicking around the idea of ether using a coffee can or a 20 lb. propane can. i don't want something super huge but need it big enough to work in and hopefully weld, nothing big but say large enough to make a pattern welded blade in the future. i know it is a lot to ask but i am just starting out and need someone to point me in the right direction. thanks
  6. Just a quick question, i am building a brake drum forge, however, the only piping for the air inlet are galvinized. this forged is being used OUTSIDE only, just wondering if there is anything else i can do to help protect myself. i can only find the zinc ones here and if i had any other option i would jump on it. i have heard that burning it indoors is deadly and have read the story of paw paw. my forge is outside and all the piping is for is to have something to move air through. will the pipe smoke even though i am not directly heating it. thank you