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  1. Thanks guys. Luckily I love reading and suffer from no real shortage of determination when I actually want something. I'm glad to be here and your replies motivate me.
  2. I've got a straight peen hammer with almost the same stamp. My first thought seeing it was that the maker is Husqvarna and its antique, but that's likely not correct. I really don't know.
  3. You've got my prayer. I hope the compassionate people in the town poke out of the woodwork and do what they can. God will do the rest.
  4. Hello to everyone here at I Forge Iron. From early on in my life of travel and change under the parenting of an enlisted soldier and a gentle mother I have been on a search to find path of life development that will satisfy my astonishingly insatiable appetite for curiosity and learning all while still providing an outlet for my almost never drained abyssal energy stores. I am 23 now and have found my answer. It lies in being a blacksmith. I still face another problem though, and it finds its mark at my home. In my area there appears to be a very slight number of blacksmiths, likely to s
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