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  1. Hey guys, I'm a newbie, but Theo Rock Nazz is NOT. Check out this video I did of him when he was heat-treating a blade I've seen him craft for months. It's at night in his own forge in the snow, it's kind of badass but not as much as he. Watch him and the energy he puts into his art, listen to the commentary he gives:
  2. "masterFUL" ^_^ That's right, now I remember. Excellent, thanks - I'll take a look.
  3. I have been a woodworker since youth, so I have some understanding and know my way around my tools and my hands, but I have always been fascinated with forge. The masterful blacksmith Theo Rock Nazz (theorocknazz.com) has offered me apprenticeship, and I have begun work on my first knife in a series of 3 that should set the stage for my development. It is my goal to end 2014 having completed this series and enter 2015 with renewed prospects for projects. I immediately fell into a deep work trance upon instruction, losing myself to unearthing the object within the mild steel I've been g
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