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  1. Definitely a pendant :) If she loves it, you can offer to make a ring to match for another occasion - and then get her size ;)
  2. Beautiful - in every sense :) thanks for sharing.
  3. Thanks Joel - much appreciated! :) Yeah - I've already kinda got workshop envy from a guy I spent some time with... that's also a good reason for me to see some others too I suppose. Thanks for the contacts! Thanks Beth - I would love to come and see you - I'll message you :) I'm not even really sure what I'm going to make yet if I'm honest. I have crazy ideas but I don't know yet if I can translate them into the real thing - I've set aside a few months from my day job to have a go and see where I'm at. I'm quite creative and good with my hands, plus my basic training seemed to go quite well - knocked up the usual - hooks, candlesticks, towel rails, but nothing too exciting. Can't wait to get started for real and see just what I can get out of my head and into reality! :D
  4. Hi Joel - just to visit other workshops really and talk to people who've been there and done it. I've got a builder that I work with (but he has no experience of anything like this!) so I'm trying to get / be the knowledge and he's helping with the conversion... Do you think your contact in Frome might be up for a chat? (No prob if not!) Thanks :)
  5. Thanks for the pointers guys! And yes - should have been 7' not 7" - that would be special! :D And yes - just on setting up the workshop at the moment - though I a certain that I will need blacksmithing advice after that!
  6. I won't comment ;) but if I'm ever over your way (and I may be towards the end of the year) I'll give you a shout!
  7. Thanks Mick :) that's really great! I'm researching a lot at the moment but just want to get cracking. I think I'll just have to give a few people a call. As Ian says - I hear that English smiths are really great and friendly, so maybe I should just not worry about picking up the phone! Hopefully I'll see you at some shows at some point!
  8. Hi All, I'm setting up a coke forge in a derelict outbuilding at home near Bath... I would really like to get it right as it's costing me a small fortune in building work, electricals, etc.! Just asking for a bit of advice if possible as I've only ever worked in one other forge. So - I'm wondering if there are any friendly folk out there in the South West that wouldn't mind showing me their place and / or spending 15 minutes with me? It would be great to meet some fellow smiths too anyway. I've got very little experience, but I love working with metal and so I'm just going for it. I've got quite a small area allocated and the ceiling is only 7" but I do have the luxury of an upper storey that I could knock up into which I'm thinking I might well have to... Sorry - bit of an open question - I'll be doing some layout sketches tomorrow which will probably help. Thanks in advance! Debbie