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  1. I have quite a few questions as to what the stakes are used for (newbie alert!) once I clean them up i'll post some pics for identification. Thanks Dan
  2. Thanks gents, you have put my mind at rest somewhat. The welding table is actually a bonafide one it comes with the bricks for gas welding/brazing and there is a steel plate underneath for electric. It looks like an older model as flamefast doesn't list it on their site.
  3. Hi all I decided to bite the bullet and buy some kit. I managed to find a very nice swage block with stand and a load of tools nearby on ebay, the seller also had a professional welding bench so I decided to get that too. These all came from a school and apart from some surface rust on the tools they are like new. All tolled I paid £400 is this good?
  4. Thanks for the input. I have been given a t/d blower but I have not seen it yet so cant say if it will be suitable or not yet. I was just wondering if anyone had used one before. My hobby forge set up has 1 1/4" inlet pipes with 8 10mm holes as the blast. In the pic I am using charcoal and the air is coming from the bellows (easy to control the air flow) I have already made up a slide valve for the inlet ready for the electric blower, once I have that I will be burning coke.
  5. Hi all I was just wondering if anyone has used a tumble dryer fan/blower on their forge. I was tempted to buy a bouncy castle blower for my hobby forge but if I can get away with using a free tumble dryer one I will. Any thoughts? Dan
  6. Well I picked up the bellows on sunday evening, there is no makers name on them anywhere unfortunately. They shift a fair amount of air so the valves work.The leather seems to be ok but I will condition it to make it more supple. The plan is to have it driven by a vintage stationary engine via a reduction box, I think it should have enough 'puff' to run two small forges for demo purposes but time will tell im sure.
  7. Hi all I came across this on ebay and it was close and a real bargain. I go and pick it up on sunday so I will be able to have a closer look. It looks like it might be an Allldays and Onions but i'm not sure, maybe someone will be able to confirm that?
  8. I plan to have a go at making a split feather from an old butter knife as a gift for a friend.
  9. Thanks for the comments guys. It would appear that I have inadvertently made an extremely rare backwards swimming bass ;). Next one will be more anatomically correct i'm sure. Cheers Dan
  10. Hi all, I decided to have a crack at making a Bass fish from 1.5mm alu sheet. This was my first attempt at a fish of any kind, I may have a buyer for it already and they also want a full size salmon too. What do we think?
  11. They are arc welded on and filed back to near flush.
  12. Here's the toasting forks I've been working on this week. I also made some copper roses, you could wrap the stem round a glass to create a vase.
  13. Hi all, I managed to find an anvil today. I was told about there was one sitting in someone's car port on the other side of the town (about a mile away). I did a reccy and there was a man in the garden so I asked him if it was for sale, he seemed a bit defensive at first but after I told him I was a trainee blacksmith his mood changed and he said yes he'd sell it. We agreed on a price and it was mine. I gave it a spell with the wire brush and gave it a lick of paint, it has part of one foot missing but that shouldn't matter, I think it's around 35kgs. What do we all think?
  14. Thanks for the kind words gent's. I'm really enjoying the work so far.
  15. Hi all, I had my third visit to my friends forge yesterday (also my third ever go at smithing). I spent the day making companion set handles and forging the business end of a couple of pokers into a diamond arrowhead design. I thought i'd share a pic to show you all my progress, what do you reckon? :D