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  1. Wise man, as my primary anvils are faries anvils, they acualy have radiused edges, starting at 1/4r and talering to about 1"r at the heal, with the front of the plate sharp just above the step. Just built that way. I use the clip horn when I need a sharp edge. 

    But seriusly she is a grand old dame with a few wrinkles and scares, but hansome none the less. Make tools to fit her and make he sing.

    I like you already Noah. Good plan. You are going to fit right in here.

    Frosty The Lucky.

    Appreciate it! 

    I think the lines were made by Wile E. Coyote trying to handle the anvil. It is an Acme after all.

    Shhhhh... that coyote is gonna find out I took his anvil!


    Originally I was going to suggest a raspberry vinegarette Or a home made mayo Cesar.

    The line under the face plate near the middle is the weld line but if the face isn't dead on those edges then it's not delaminating. It's probably the wrought or cast (I can't remember if an Acme is wrought or cast like a Fisher) eroding faster than the face. I do a lot of work over the edge striking into the body right about there but my go to anvil is cast steel and pretty invulnerable.

    Do a rebound test on the edges where the weld line is exaggerated like that and get back to us. Sometimes a line is just a line.

    Frosty The Lucky.


    It is most definitely exaggerated in the pic. But I will be sure to double check it later. I've actually never noticed it other than in that one pic. Keen eyes!  

  2. I am going to quote Thomas Powers, "use it for about a year, then adress any problems you have found"

    looking at your pictures, I see a nice smoth radius up front of the plate on the farside, plenty to work with. Later you may want to blend the chiped edges smoth but not now, get to know her and how to use her before you do any "plasitic seurgery" 

    i have 

    I was planning on leaving her the way she is, unless ya'll said otherwise. When I said rolling up my sleeves I meant smithing on her more, not plastic surgery. that is what I thought was best but wanted to make sure it wasn't because I don't like using grinders.

  3. Not long, about a month.

    Drawing stock out on this anvil feels like I'm fighting what the anvil wants to do, ending up with weird looking tapers that I have to spend more time correcting.

    I'm not at all saying it is completely my anvil's fault.

  4. Howdy,

    so I've got this anvil, and I'm not sure exactly what to do about the edges, if anything at all. I've got an angle grinder with an 80 grit flap disk and a 30 grit grinding disk. I wanted to find out what ya'll would do, before I roll up my sleeves and make a fool of my self.






    WP_20150708_14_29_33_Pro (2).jpg



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