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  1. Hofi

    How are you to day? Hofi see you now on the site

  2. Hello I do not know the Massey hammer I USE regular motor oil wit anty friction adidives that help to preserve the hammer and give very much smooser action. best regards Hofi

  3. Hello lillith do you still remember the song words? Yes i do want to see your creation!!! Uri hofi

  4. hello yes I do forge hammer slitters and sell need to know what size hole for handlu need hofi

  5. Hello erez can we meet on the chat now? Hofi

  6. Hello Bill how are u? Hofi

  7. Hello Richard Got Your Cheque Thanx The Post Is On Strike !!!!!! The Moment It Will Stop Will Be Sent To You The Parsel Is Ready Hofi

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