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  1. hey jake it is you - i sent you a happy birthday last year? because i saw we have the same birthday! thats nice because we have some very alike thoughts going inhere - is it in the star alignment?? :)

  2. hi manovfire i dont know where my mesage went so i will write it again :) love the work - i really like the cover thing and the bird particularly - your website looks fab :) your not far from me im in glos, so hello, and thanks for posting the pictures - really nice work!

  3. hi manovfire - love your pictures the work is great! i really like the cover thing and the bird - your not that far from me, im in glos. HI!

  4. hi mister hanworth - love your exremely beautiful work in the gallery - how wonderful to see the brightly painted wood behind the metalwork - i love them particularly the chest. i read that you like sculpture too, i am a sculptor who likes trying blacksmithing techniques, what kind of sculptures do you do? beth

  5. thanks thomas! i had a lovely birthday:)

  6. thankyou mark! bless you for noticing my birthday:)

  7. no - i dont get to act that much posh either!! how the other half live eh!

  8. thanks rusty! another day older/wiser :) let me know if you come to uk next time - cant promise the ritz tho!!

  9. hey lovely work rusty - really like the stair rail at the top of the gallery. great looking website! i might have one one day...:)

  10. mark!! bland food in uk!! not at my house!!!! hi rusty just lookin for your website to check you out as promised :) bye for now...

  11. hi colleen my real email bethyeehah@gmailcom - hope all ok with you :) x

  12. hi south shore - what shape were the ends before you welded them - or did you just wed them as they were? and how many times in the fire - just one heat??

  13. sorry joe was adding you to mine not the other way round - cannot get the hang of this...

  14. joe i think you should be my friend - anyone who can burp like that on you tube deserves my respect... :)

  15. hi devon - just spotted your name thought it looked uk - just saying hello really - im in glos, not been doing it as long as you!

  16. beth

    hi dodge happy birthday! just seen you on the list hope you having a goodun :)

  17. hi chuck i loved your words about your horse years ago and the work you did- just wanted to say in case you didnt look at the posts that i think you should write a book - i would be gripped to read more stories like that - you got a nice way with words :)

  18. hi thomas! just read your comment on the post about your friend chuck - i meant what i said he is clearly the real deal with great stories and also a way with words that is very readable - if you see him again will you pass on my message! he should share his stories i for one would buy a book full of them! i love all that cowboy stuff :)

  19. thanks for link john - i crawled through your threads in the end and got it - and have now printed alot off - its brilliant thanks! re a leafing course do you think youll be running one next year or sometime? i suppose you need to get some idea about demand... hope all well with you, cheers john beth

  20. hi helen another female! hurrah! welcome tothe forum - what do you do? ps is that your twilight link on your post - ...??? i love that story!!! just seen the new movie today (am way way too into this)

  21. happy birthday to you
    happy birthday to you
    happy birthday dear fat daddy
    happy birthday to you!!!!
    hope you have a lovely day FD - hope somebody made you a big cake ?? catch you in the chat sometime soon - hope all going very very well for you ! x

  22. hi there iron art - like your website! think your old man would be proud :)

  23. hey jake happy birthday! we have the same day :) hope your day runs good :)

  24. hi dan - seen you put 3's on your post - are you in uk? your pictures were great very informative! i wouldnt be at all embarrassed with those i think they are lovely and something i dont see anywhere round here. inspiring to me to do some work like that - now i have seen how you have done it. :)

  25. hi jason was just looking for some of your work coz i liked the look of the picture by your name on the thread! hi there anyway - would like to see some of your work - looks like you done a little - hello there anyway my name is beth :)

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