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  1. 1/8 inch round mild steel I put up a video on how i make them
  2. If it's a Columbia we have a 100lber in the shop and it is deafening even chained and magneted.
  3. Thanks for all the input guys I've added some safety notes on the video.
  4. The mandrel is D-2 because it is air hardening and it has held up to a few hundred worms being formed on it. The thin cutting wheels on a grinder are for use on edge
  5. zachsmithjohnson


    Thanks... I did this piece to raise funds for a local homeless shelter. I was trying to capture the urgency and the need for food and housing in the area.
  6. agreed when making this video I didn't give the point enough attention but a slight down turn is paramount to an easily opened bottle as is an even helix.
  7. Just my theory but The burnt sugar in the oil, in my mind at least, acts as free carbon and allows the worms made from mild steel to get a light case hardening via carbonized shell.
  8. I'd love some feed back on this video i just put out. It's intended to demonstrate how to make the worm of a corkscrew.
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