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  1. Wow I appreciate all of the respones! I'll definitely post pictures with what I end up doing. Lots to consider now, going to have to speak with her to see how she wants it to end up. Again, thank you all for helping out with this.
  2. Good point, wood would be much easier to work with. But as I said, it was a request from a friend. The picture I posted of it is a 3D model of what she wanted, thats why it looks smooth and uniform.
  3. Removing the material hadnt occured to me, thanks for pointing that out!
  4. Looking at the knife forging 101, looks like an awesome resource. I'll be back if I cant find anything in the knife making section. Thanks!
  5. I started about a year ago, forging once or twice a month. Recently i've been putting much more time into it and can see a difference in what I can do with the metal. I had a request from my brother's girlfriend to make this (used as a hair pin) and I have no idea how to do the symmetrical points. I'm assuming I'll need some new tools, which is always exciting.
  6. I've got the taper to a point, but I'm struggleing with the symetrical points on the oposite end. If someone has a video of a technique I could use to forge it would be very helpful.
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