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  1. Thanks Samcro, and Jayrocko. Ya thats pretty wild James! I lived in GF too. Are you AF? I will post some pictures up of what I make for you. Others can critique it as well, that would be much appreciated. I'm gonna try two ammo can forges. One will be a smaller mini forge.. small insolated tube inside a 5.56 can with some kind of mount for my bernzomatic TS4000 torch head. The other will be in a bigger can with a bigger torch some kind of sheet/brick insulation and a refactory floor, I have a couple door hinges I plan to mess around with as well. Those hard bricks w
  2. Thanks DSW for your reply. I'm gonna research and order some ceramic blanket this weekend. Agreed completely I need a bigger burner, found a few good YT videos about making them yourself.. If that fails I'll look into buying one. As for tanks, I have a spare 20lb propane tank with lines for forge fuel, also a couple small acetylne tanks. May look into swapping them like you mentioned. Hi to you too, TP! Thanks for the tips.
  3. Thanks guys! Will be doing much research here for sure.. My current project ideas/needs are: gas forge, break drum forge and a 2x72 belt grinder. So far I've obtained 3 motors for grinders/buffers. A couple old torch tanks for outdoor gas forges, A hand cranked bellow(?) for an outdoors solid fuel forge. But first, I'm gonna attempt to build an ammo can forge. I have some hard fire place brick that didn't work well as a 1 brick gas forge, So I'm planning on packing them into an ammo can for a smaller setup that I can use Inside my garage. Of course pictures are a must.. so her
  4. Hello IFI community! First off I'm James (JTD on other forums), and am from SC. About me; big time outdoors enthusist - Hunting, fishing, hiking, bushcraft, and primative skills.. I love them all! I'm married, and a father of 3 crazy kids. This past year we moved from MT to SC..not quite the same kind of wilderness I like, and way more mosquitos than I prefer, and I've been home watching tv way more than I like. With that, I needed a hobby to stay sane. I've tried making file knives before, but was very distracted with other hobbies.. well I'm back too it full steam this time. I've
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