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    From the album: UK 2008 Folder 1

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    From the album: UK 2008 Folder 1

  3. This topic has been discussed before, just not this in depth. Here are the loose ends you may be seeking. At one point, we discouraged user hot linking to Anvil Fire images at the absurd request of Jock Dempsey. The issue, as I recall, was not copying the images to IForgeIron or another server. The bandwidth argument is invalid. After a while, I felt as the request assumed our users were amoral or criminal. Hot Linking (Posting images from another site's server), is legal. It's ethical. It's honest. Jock can get over it or disable it on his server. Jock's policy for IForgeIron, Forge Magic, and others has been to remove links, remove posts, edit logs, and other forms of censorship. This is Jock's policy alone, and not that of Anvil Fire patrons. Our official stance is not to link to Anvil Fire and other Jock Dempsey projects from our website. We do this out of protest for Jock's reckless behavior. Glenn and I, love blacksmithing and its community. We support all open forms of metalworking, whether it be an individual or website. Don Fogg's knife forum is one I particularly admire. And KeenJunk is missed. ----- m_brothers, I sent you a private message. You know why. If Jock had made this request, the reply would have been worded differently.
  4. IForgeIron Blueprints Copyright 2002 - 2007 IFORGEIRON, All rights reserved. BP0005 Circle Division by Bill Epps Diameter x factor = cord length Table 1. Bill Epps These numbers are confirmed in the Machinery's Handbook 12 th ed. page #75 Calculate or measure the circumference of a circle. Divide that distance by the number of segments and then measure directly onto the pipe or whatever circular form on which you are working. Brake drums have 4, 5, 6, 8, etc pattern bolt holes. They are metal and also have the advantage of being able to weld to them. First draw a circle that will give you an even number for the divisions, example 5 parts 10 inches Draw a line 10 inches long and mark at 2 in intervals, then mark the center at 5 inches Draw a circle 10 inches in diameter using the center 5 in mark Set the compass for the diameter and scribe a line at the bottom below the circle from each side, so the the lines cross Use a ruler and draw a line from the crossed lines at the bottom thru the second line on the diameter, where this line crosses the circle is 1/5 of the circumfrence, If you want 13 segments, or 9 or 17 or any number, do the same thing always thru the second mark from one edge on the diameter. Irnsrgn
  5. When Alan broke rules on several instances we let it slide; unlike those instances, he tried to remove all his postings with ill intention and intent to hurt I Forge Iron as a whole. He was banned from the site.
  6. When a user is banned, there is no going back. When Alan broke rules on several instances we let it slide; unlike those instances, he tried to remove all his postings with ill intention and intent to hurt I Forge Iron as a whole.
  7. I can restore most of his posts until the last week or two. Just comes down to if I want to give it effort, pretty busy working on things for the first of the year. Also, as regards to an earlier post: yes, editing had been purposely turned off for a reason. Do not question the admin's again.
  8. Welcome! Feel free to not only ask or answer questions but contribute with opinions and educational material. Education is not always a one way process but an inventive key to multiple locks.
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    Don't worry about asking questions if old posts don't hit the hammer on the nail. Our search engines are pretty good, but more detail can always be given. Glad to see another person interested.
  10. Welcome Larry, glad to have you around.
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    Test Album

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