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  1. I've been smithing in my area with charcoal and i can get the iron pretty hot,my experience with fireflies is using charcoal and not having my firebox full or dumping fresh charcoal directly on the forge area. i usually put fresh on the side then roll it over later. as far as price,i get Roal Oak from walmart as of now(until i find a better source) for around 12-13 dollars for 2 20 lb bags
  2. Awesome description and pictures, rookie question. can i use the same techique with charcoal?
  3. Satyrsmith

    First forge

    My first forge with help from my mentor. charcoal for now until i can get coke
  4. Bouncy house blower....never would have thought it.now i'm going to have to look into it
  5. I have a question,how charcoal with coke layered in? i can get coke in my area and can get charcoal pretty cheap so i was curious
  6. I saw it and was great. when i started for the first time with my mentor,he had me do the exact same thing....after 3 hours,2 of my 7 nails were usable and got burned too but i found annoying cause i was working. i've truly got the bug and saturday i'm bringing a forge home
  7. New to Smithing myself and my mentor talked about the above alternatives. was given a harbor freight anvil and a chunk of railroad iron. one point he did make though is if you have no horn but have a vise then put a piece of rebar in the vise then you can do a small bit of scrolling.
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