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  1. I'm Guard now, but was full time originally. I'm 80% disabled from the military and was discharged but I was able to join again in the Guard without pay so I did that :) I know it sounds dumb, but I like(ed) it. I get out this year though and am glad to be ;)
  2. I need to finish up my profile, meant to do that earlier but got sidetracked. 5-10 pounds sounds much better, and I'll be stuck doing it alone so the smaller weight would be much better.
  3. I've been buying up scrap brass from Goodwill and garage sales over the last few months and was planning on selling to the scrap yards. I've always been into lost arts and wanted to try to get into casting things and doing some metal art. I've watched a few hours of videos on youtube and have a pretty good idea on what's going on but I was hoping for some advice on making one from scratch and curious as to how much I should expect to spend on actually running it to melt the brass. I have about 60 pounds right now but they are mostly very small pieces like candle sticks and lamps I've stripped. All I'm looking to do is melt them down, refine them (just clean the slag well and have clean metal to work with, nothing more for the time being) and make some ingots. I'm not interested in scrapping them anymoreand I would like to start out with just making ingots I can set on the shelf in my workshop until I'm ready for whatever I decide to do with the next step. Is 50 pounds to much for one go? Is it to little? Please give me some advice so I can learn something useful that doesn't involve computers or other things I can't do hands on with a finished product to be proud of ;) Also want to ad that I'm looking to do a gas foundry so no waste oil or coal or coke.
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