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  1. By cockerel I mean a rooster. Not cocker spaniel! :) Though my wife Fay and I would like to get a boxer pup as a family dog. Wonder what one could do against something you're not allowed to kill legally? I knew a hawker (one who trains birds of prey to hunt for people) who had a red tail and the bird got spooked. Ended up on his head flapping and ripping up his scalp. My point bein' I don't fancy goin up to a thirty pound bird with razor sharp claws that's keen on tryin to get at my egg layers. I also don't wanna kill those beautiful birds. Tryin' to mitigate it before it happens.
  2. I don't live in the country unfortunately. I used to live in the country when I lived in VA but the most we had were hawks and an occasional deer. But we also never kept chickens and our cats were indoor. And I'm not trying to avoid the wild. Just protect my future flock. I think a cockerel would help? I don't know. I've never kept them. I do know there are some folk that set traps for 'coons and coyotes and the like. But that doesn't always work.
  3. Yeah coyotes and eagles love chickens. I wonder if they'd be safe running around while I'm outside? I don't think coyotes are that brave, are they? And yeah I understand it's a different playground out in the backwoods.
  4. no suggestions just some info for another attempt at a later time for you: wumei or five plates. :)
  5. I carry a knife and gun everywhere I LEGALLY can. I have NEVER used them nor have any intent. It's just for emergencies. I believe I am kind and generous honest. Can you still call me nasty? This has already been covered, he was refering to the fact there are some un friendly people carring guns, and a knife is... well lets just drop it. I also strongly suggest you actually read the site ToS, You had to legally sign that you read and agreed to follow them, Even if you didnt you will be removed next time you violate them you have been warned before. The rules here are being inforced mor
  6. I have a buddy from my time in the army that lives there. I think he could help me get work at the casino he works at. We were both MP (military police) so to me it's no different than working the road on Drum except I don't have to worry about pullin' a firearm on anyone. That was a bad time.. Wow 2 hours? I was expecting maybe an hour and a half. I have a wife to care for while she's in school as well as bills and cats. Just basic responsibilities.
  7. Well to be honest we wanted to be fairly close to seattle and lacey and everything in between. We looked into Eatonville but couldn't find anything. We like the location. And yes as soon as I saw the 3 smiths you mentioned I thought "gotta meet them!" We wanted some country land we could farm a bit and raise some chickens, let our (future) dog run around and just overall be able to breathe! Our home (if we took it) would sit at the end of the road right next to the forest which would be awesome. Get to see some wildlife! I just hope not bear or cougar or bobcat..Don't want my chickens goin mis
  8. Typically the weight is towards the front similar to a kukri: http://www.bing.com/images/search?q=kukri&qs=n&form=QBIR&pq=kukri&sc=0-0&sp=-1&sk=#view=detail&id=F133BC2CDF5B0156DA1CD3A8ECC3BEFFBB31C1D6&selectedIndex=3 Ever watch arnis or kali? Those men don't make it look awkward.. they utilize the weight and circular movements to maximize the momentum.
  9. George, you could go sailing to point roberts! :) Geoff, I have your number saved in my phone and will call when we need your help unloading the truck and moving furniture! :lol: billyO I will do that. My wife and I will be the ones lost on the side of the road with the four ways goin'. :D Mike I can't say I've ever been that far west or south but I DO understand the heat. Iraq has similar weather (so I've heard). I prefer the heat over the crazy cold myself. Gentlemen, I think we finally DID IT! We found a nice property (2.45 acres). It's a trailer but its cheap and it's o
  10. Whenever I see beautiful work it KILLS me that I'm not beating metal yet!
  11. As is cleaning the animal? Or the actual weapon used for hunting?
  12. We haven't bought a house yet but definitely have seen some we like and are still stuck in IA, but we will be there come spring. The fresh beef woulda been a welcome thing! I'm excited to find some one to teach me to smith. I know books are a help but it's experience and someone who knows what they are doing that I'm looking for If you'd be willing to show us around a bit Geoff that would be awesome! I've always wanted to get farther west. Iraq wasn't exactly what I had in mind.. <_<
  13. Love the etching. Nice to see an ax with some mass on the back.
  14. Oh most of what you mentioned is very much part of the reason we are moving there. That and my wife is Chinese and loves seafood and they have an AWESOME fish market (from my understanding) in Seattle, WA. I'm more of a meant and potatoes kinda guy myself. But there are also some listed ABS bladesmiths in seattle.
  15. So my wife and I decided we want out of Iowa. I have some buddies from when I was in the army and they told me a bit about WA. Originally I wanted the Olympia/Lacey area but she want to go to a university so we decided the Seattle area. Is anyone in that general vicinity? Marysville etc? It'd be nice to meet some people out there.
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