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  1. LastRonin that is a great idea...I'm going to see if I can find stock to do that with, I owe you one. Dave, thanks for the encouragement, and Beslagsmed that is a beauty!! I'm looking to start welding this week. Here are a few more pics of hardware. Grainger 1" pillow block bearings, supposed to be rated around 1800lbs static and 3100lbs dynamic load. The heavier bearings are about $30 more each. I think these will work absolutely fine for my application. Grainger 1" precision centerless round, for spring mount and drive pulley shaft. Also pics of the RR track caps cut off for dies,
  2. Yes sir, that's about the gist of it...using this one here for inspiration at the moment http://www.tharwavalleyforge.com/workshop-tour/tools/59-appalachian-power-hammer Playing it a little bit by ear right now, I'm hoping to be able to get the hammer around 30-40lbs...heavier would be great, but then I'll really need to address that anvil base!!
  3. Hi all, Had an account here a few years ago...can't get back into that one, so got me a new account now. Just about finished gathering the heavy parts for a junkyard guided-helve hammer, figured I'd post the project here to make things more interesting. It's a true junkyard dog, and as such won't be as efficient as I'd like, but I'm trying to make it as good as I can while keeping the $ down, and finding decent heavy scrap for short money is becoming pretty impossible in my area as the scrap scroungers become Rockefellers. I'll be using it only for moderate work, not quite hobby bu
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