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  1. I've seen a good many damascus art knives hot blued, but from what I understand the temps used to blue causes a little edge holding loss. Not sure how much exactly. I've used Birchwood Casey super blue and like it for some damascus, realy improves the contrast, and no heat.
  2. Good tip, I'm working on one tonight and probably most of tomorrow and will try it. I made a steel one to use for soildering, but like the tube idea as I try for a soilderless fit now.
  3. foiled again, that's rite in the middle of my 14 days on the water. Seems like everytime there's a show or hammerin I'm stuck in the middle of the gulf.:mad: Thanks for the update. At this rate I'm beginning to think I'll be better off waiting on a set of plans.
  4. Thanks, that was what I was needing to hear. I would apreciate the photo's also. Like I said, I was going to one but it got canncelled. I realy like the idea and design, but I work 14 days on and 14 off offshore. It seems everytime there's a class within driving distance I'm on the rig. I want one pretty bad as a rebuilt little giant down here will run 4+ grand, if you can find one that is. I would love to attend a class, like I said, I'm not an engineer. If it came down to it I could make it from detailed plans but would take longer with the minimal welding and cutting tools I have.
  5. I sent Clay an email a couple of days ago but haven't heard back yet. There was going to be a class at Mike's shop back in November? but it got canncelled because only six of us signed up for it. I realy like the idea behind the tire hammer, and could probably build one just from the pictures and taking a tape measure to a little giant. But I realy don't have time to "aw xxxx, lets try a little more here and a little less there" till I get it rite. I am getting by pretty well with a hydrolic press and a rocking beam hammer but the press is excellent for damascus it's slow and a hammer on
  6. Anybody have one or plans for one? Anybody used one? I was going to attend one of Clay Spencer's tire hammer workshops but it got canncelled. Any info would be greatly apreciated.
  7. Hello, glad I found this site. I'm a part time knifemaker, I work offshore the other two weeks. I primarily forge carbon and damascus steels, though I do a few stainless knives and have an intrest in decorative ironwork though I need lots of schooling before atempting that! Will
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