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  1. damienfr6

    horse C

    My nephew's name is chandler. for his birthday...i made him a... horse-c. XD
  2. I appreciate the feedback! :) I do have to say...i got the bernzomatic 8250 before I really did any research. I bought it for...$85. don't make my mistake. lol. I really wish I would have researched a little more. :)
  3. I spoke to a person about where to find handles and he gave me this great site! http://www.woodworkerssource.com/turning_stock.html This place is where he goes to buy wood. he sands it down to the size that he wants. When I got home I held the hammer in my hand and I noticed that I was holding it two ways. I must have gotten that blister down the palm of my hand when I got tired. I forge for about...3-6 hours every other day...give or take. I'm ambitious. ;) I already have a callus where I normally hold the hammer on the base of my pinkie finger...and it was rubbed pretty raw. I'
  4. I've been watching videos...and yea. I see exactly what grip you are talking about. I appreciate you guys helping.
  5. I am holding it...with my knuckles pointing down at my side...with a closed fist grip. my grip is like a punch...with a hammer in it. :)
  6. do you know how this torch works compared to...let's just say...a JF #1 burner, or venturi burner, etc. those two burners will put you under $140...so I assume that they are more powerful. but i'm just curious if you personally know. :)
  7. The hammer in this case is the cross pein blacksmith hammer from lowes with the plastic handle. I don't use gloves on my hammer hand. I will try to hold it differently. I have been holding it more and more loosely. I guess I was getting sloppy last night. Great advice! I'll work on them tonight! I hope this post helps more people! can anybody post where you normally get blisters and calluses? :)
  8. I have been looking for specif information about the experienced of blacksmiths who have experienced blisters. I have searched forums on a lot of sites and can't find anything regarding this specific...obstacle. I've been working at this art for the past 5 months. I have come gotten some nasty blisters. I have gotten a nice callus...that turned into a blister and ripped off a good chunk of my hammer swinger. ****I'm not complaining.**** it's obvious that it comes with the territory...but I am looking for a way to help, not only myself, but other people who may be in my position; t
  9. damienfr6

    Seax and Sheath

    This sheath is handmade from red oak. split in half, carved out, glued, and wrapped. it holds the knife without anything to assist other than friction.
  10. damienfr6

    Seax for Doc

    The knife was made completely by hand. I made it look rough on purpose so that it would look more...period. you've got to keep that viking roughness to it!
  11. damienfr6

    friction sheath

    sheath holds blade with friction.
  12. *********************** READ THIS ONE DUDE********************* If you haven't done a lot of blacksmithing and are looking to try it out before you buy a whole system, I advise that you buy the bernzo 8250, buy some fire bricks or "castable refractory cement". Make sure it's castable. You can make your own bricks or soup can/coffee can forge. get the coleman hose from walmart or the male female adaptor from lowes(both are found in the propane department). This whole kit will cost you $125 and about 2 hours over a period of two days to put together. this is the most simple set up i've fo
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