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  1. greetings from Canada

    excuse me if I have the wrong member but I read somewhere about a wire conversion with a commercial type bouncy castle blower to a variable speed control........I actually picked one up today to replace my weak 60CFM fan , it was cheap and it's very well built , and it blows !! . it's not the typical lightweight yellow ones but a powerful unit and am looking for the wiring instructional for a ceiling fan rotary control dial.........again sorry if it wasnt you, just trying to remember where I read about it !!


    cheers , ROB

    BC , Canada    

    1. the iron dwarf

      the iron dwarf

      check the rating of the speed controller, it needs to be able to control a motor as big as the blower motor or you will have problems ( most ceiling fans do not have large motors )

      you will probably find that the blower is 1500w and the ceiling fan was 100w or even less giving you less than a second before it burns out quite spectacularly.

      it is a lot easier to use 2 valves and a T piece, one for air into the forge and the other to bleed off the other 95% of the air

    2. BCROB


      OK thank you for the insight....appreciate it  

      my current setup has just one valve but the 60 CFM fan has to run wide open to get to a decent temp so the valve is fully open.......hence the need for a bigger blower 

      so if I go to having 2 valves,  would you put the 'T' just above the blower to bleed off and then another valve before the mixing of the gas/air ........

      thanks Rob   


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