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  1. Well I managed to borrow a phase converter (static) to try, it started the hammer but the hammer would stall whilst doing anything other than idling I have had a look and it runs a cogged belt so I ve now got to do some research on price of single phase motors compared with VFD
  2. Thanks, I ve just seen on Say-Mak Power Hammers from the Ozark School Of Blacksmithing that the new version comes with a single phase 5hp motor. I ll have to do a bit of research into motors and switch gear etc
  3. Hi guys, I know nothing about electrics etc :confused: so please bear with me whilst I make myself look dumb :rolleyes: I ve just managed to pick up a Sayha SSM50 power hammer at a decent price It is 3 phase, the problem I have is that I dont have 3 phase electrics in my workshop. Has anyone used a 'phase converter' to run one? or converted to single phase? The only phase converter I have found available so far has a MAX HP of 5.5, 4.0kW at 32amps (power hammer motor is 4.0kW), I presume I need to go slightly larger to allow for the initial draw on start up? Any help would be greatl
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