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  1. Also, a side note. I designed a double horn anvil a while back, which had a radiused edge and shallow square holes for inserting stock to be twisted. I am concerned that the twisting holes will reduce the strength of the bic resulting in a possible crack. In other words, I don't know if heavy pounding on the bic will create a fracture where the holes are, since the waist of the anvil descends under them. Have you guys seen any type of reinforcement on the bottom of a horn to add mass, or maybe a spine which will allow it to stand up to heavy pounding?
  2. Sounds cool! I recall seeing a block like the 6x6x6 you were talking about- I think it might have been a Wally Yater. I'll see what I come up with.
  3. Hey! I'm bored and thought that I could put my drafting skills into some use. Give me some ideas of what you would like to see on a custom anvil, and I'll try to illustrate it!
  4. I recently came across a few old farm dumps near my place which are full of metal. Found a heap of 5/8" rods about 5ft long. Before I use them, I want to make sure I'm not gonna be burning anything toxic. They are covered in rust, but for the most part are free of pitting and I see no signs of lead paint. Is it possible for galvanized metal to rust over? I am guessing that these dumps are from around the turn of the century, so is it safe to assume that it is good iron?
  5. Hey guys, recently bought a 95lb Columbian leg vise. Spring is still there but over the years, the mounting bracket got lost. I am planning to mount the vise on a section of log. I haven't the right sized bolts to attach it right now, so I was thinking of making a kind of tapered U-shaped bracket to drive into the wood around the post. Would this be a strong enough hold, or should I just invest in the right sized bolts?
  6. Hey guys, thanks for all the info! I'll have to try the router bit next time I'm able to work in the shop!
  7. Hey guys, thanks for all the responses! Tim, I recently got hold of a bunch of light-gauge steel straps, I'll have to give them a try! I'm near New Paltz. If I can't make the logs I have work, I might just take you up on yours! Jean
  8. Hey, thanks! Unfortunately I don't have a good plane right now. I'll have to remember that next time I'm at the flea market.
  9. Hey guys, I'm new to this forum and thought I would start off with a topic that I still haven't nailed. I recently purchased an anvil (got a good deal on a 160lb PW) and am trying to select a stump for its base. After sandy, we had a lot of downed trees and I am thinking if using a section of one. However, I am completely puzzled as to how to make it level on the floor. I have an 18" chainsaw, but can't seem to make level cuts. Drawknife? Sander? Thanks!