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  1. So, as soon as some of my power tools come in (belt sander, angle grinder, ect) come in im headed to a "pull-a-part" which is a popular scrapyard, My question is, what parts of a car have quality (or high carbon) steel? Most useful parts of it would include what?
  2. im squatting for right now, working on a anvil stand at the moment... What do u mean by deeper? My pot is about 2inches at the moment, I am going to make the walls higher and just pile more coal... not much i can do about that unless i go buy a metal one
  3. Link me to a video where someone hooks that up? I knew that was a thing but i just have no idea how todo it.
  4. That hammer is 2.5, and i have a ball peen that is 16 oz... im a small person. And i do need a vice, ill let you know. I want to hook up a dimmer switch but i have no idea how todo that, And as for the pot, Im using a 4ft long peice of steel will holes drilled in at one end... so ill just put up more brick and pile the coal higher. good idea?
  5. Ive been told that, whole reason i bought it is because mild steel is much easier to play with and i figured 6ft would be as much as i needed for the learning curve, Then i will move to 1060 and then 1095. So for learning perposes, do i have the right steel?
  6. a wall hanger for my first blade, no real use
  7. Looking to make a Knife for my first real project and i have about 6ft of 1/4th in thick 1018 steel, Ive seen poeple make knives out of 1/8th thick, Would it be to thick for my means or could i make it work?
  8. Im using and electric hair dryer, i wish it had more settings for air but its all i got at the moment.
  9. Here is my forge, just finished it today, My hardwoodlump charcoal burns incredibly fast and im trying to increases its lifespan in the fire untill i get my hands on real coal. my tongs are half made and are shotty at best... The broken tile on the top, yes it was my "brilliant" idea of a lid for the forge
  10. So, I want to turn my forge into a low temp metal foundry as well.... Anyone got good ideas on how to make crucibles, or where to buy them? or what material i could sculpt to make a good mold for casting?
  11. Well, thanks for all the help guys, i think i might do that 4x4 of of centaurforge... but for now... i will work my ASO untill i get something better, if i have any more questions ill let you know... I fire up the forge tommorow
  12. http://www.grizzly.com/products/55-lb-Anvil/G8147 Iits grizzlys 55lb anvil, I know its really light but its all i could afford... i decided to see what i would be dealing with in terms of shock absorbtion and hit it a few times with my hammer... The dents were surprizing at first... I easily took the blue off of the horn too... First timer here... this could be totally normal idk... but the dents are very noticle to touch and sight... i can upload if needed
  13. Atlanta here, I am in the process of building my forge and i am ordering steel for the piping for it online; and that same website is the same place im getting my starter steel, Seeing how expensive this can be, I want to know if there are any local welding shops in the North Atlanta/Alpharetta area where i can purchase scrap metals and such, Zip code is 30022. Some one has got to be around me
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