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  1. Yea, i did a few more tests, and i dont think they are HSS, their sparks were to long and to yellow, and after heating and quenching them in water than brine "no oil on hand" i found that while a file did skate off them, they did form cracks, so im going to go out on a limb and assume they are oil quenched high carbon steel.
  2. Well, i did a spark test on those drill bits, and they would seem to be either high speed steel or high carbon steel, so i guess that is good news!
  3. I understand, sorry about that, my first post!
  4. I had heard the drill bits would be suitable for knives, but i am not sure. I guess i meant their quenching medium and how to temper them. And for the spring, is there a way to test if it is 5160 or something else?
  5. Hello guys, so recently my dad picked up some steel at an old garage sale, and he got a very large coil spring and 2 long heavy drill bits, both of which are marked with the word Thor is fancy cursive. I have heard that both springs and drill bits are quality steel, but i was wondering if i could get help with some exact identification on the steel and info on how to heat treat it. Thanks! ​"for reference the the coil is about a half inch thick
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