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  1. HI, It is a Pratt and Whitney 13 30 Model B with a 3 inch 3 1/2 TPI tapered nose spindle. I didn't get any tooling with it so I am having to make anything I need. I have considered the plate and boss method and haven't ruled it out. Both menthods have their merits. I was checking out this forum to see what the availabity to casting would be. I have cut a couple of tapers (jarno 13 not Morse) for dead centers to turn between centers and some specialty boring bars. I have grown up living outside the realm of what normal people consider do-able so I have a history of trying when I probably shoul
  2. Hi, Newbie here as a result of a fringe need on one of my other projects. I have a metal lathe that I can not buy parts for. (Old and out of procuction). I need 3 backplates cast in gray iron to mount my chucks to the spindle and one as a faceplate to turn between centers. I posted previously and apparantly I said something that was not acceptable and it, I guess, was pulled. I will try again and not be as descriptive. I am looking for someone local to portland oregon that is willing to work with me in a way that is fair to both of us to produce these castings. I have been to many sources
  3. Hi all, I am looking for someone in the Portland ORegon area that casts gray iron. I have a Pratt and Whitney metal lathe that has only one backplate to mount chucks to the spindle with and I need more. The lathe has a larger than common thread on the spindle that prevents me frrom buying a partially finished blank from the common suppliers. Most blanks go up to a 2inch mounting thread and mine requires a 3inch thread. I have contacted a recommended 1 off foundry and after a bunch of time getting ignored The price of three blanks was pushing the price I paid for the lathe to start with. After
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