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  1. well i went to meeting and had a good time. will be going next week as well and hoping to learn alot.
  2. Soldierz

    coal forge

    what kind of metal did you use for that? im curious to know what kind to use for a forge so it doesnt ruin it.
  3. that sounds like a plan. ill go ahead with that. dont know if i can trust high heat paint lol. i know clay is good.
  4. so i looked up that clay would make it rust faster and that i should use high temp paint. but i can only find high temp paint up to 1000 C. and the coal by the looks of it gets way higher. dont know if i should risk the paint or not. i can always get a water heater with me being plumbing heating and air XD
  5. going to use a bucket of water at the bottom of the pipe. someone mentioned that in chat. ill have to find something to line it with then. didnt know if it would hold up or not.
  6. im not making anything. im just wondering because it sounds easier to just cast an item instead of smithing it.
  7. just wondering. what are the pros and cons to casting metal instead of smithing it?
  8. ok. what if i just show up to one of there monday meetings to meet them. their website isnt working at all so i cant email any of them. i thought about hitting up there shop in haysville this friday but would it be better to just go there money evening?
  9. update. i worked on it a little more tonight. instead of putting the blower through the whole, im going to take the 2 feet piece of flue i cut out of it and make a hole for it and just push it in and jb weld it to the flue still inside. then ill form the blower vent to the pipe and put a screw in on top. that way its easier to change out. hard part is making a hole in the flue already in the tank without cutting out the sides.
  10. So this is the progress on my first forge. i used a water heater tank that had been lying around in my yard. using an old inducer motor from a furnace for my bellows.
  11. i looked at their group and then i looked at the oklahoma one and the oklahoma one seems to be more.... "groupish" the one in wichita looked like they didnt do much. could be just the poor looking website though lol. ill check with them and see what they are like.
  12. im south central. just straight south of wichitah right on the ok border pretty much
  13. ive been looking for a blacksmith close to me just to help me out if i need it and i havent been able to find one. which i can understand in arkansas city, ks. does anybody know one near me?
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