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  1. Wondering if anyone knows what this is Pics on at this link: http://img.inkfrog.com/click_enlarge1.php?image=DSC04760_001.JPG&username=bagger51&aid=980319642 It is mentioned that its mounts to the hardy hole.
  2. I got a youtube channel that has misc stuff on it http://www.youtube.com/user/isolatedreality
  3. A quick setup is to buy some foam board, I got some from walmart. Use that as your background. If it gets dinged up over time, buy a new piece. Pretty cheap. This is an example of foam board. I placed it inside the shop and the light outside is what lit it
  4. Ah yes, I believe you enjoyed Boulder, CO...and I can see why He says hello as well :)
  5. ha! no costume. Fun idea with the notch, Thomas
  6. I was asked to be part of the entertainment at a halloween party in a downtown Denver bar last Saturday This is the axe I forged for the entertainment for their “Satan’s Castle” themes party. The party unreal and over a thousand people came up. This axe is a modified pickaxe. I cut off one end, forged a slot and made the blade. I forged the spike out and gave it some twists. I also riveted the blade on site as well. We did a raffle and a lucky guy won the axe. I did do this "on the cheap" since I was not getting much compensation for my time. None the less forging out that spike by hand
  7. Thats a good idea, Micheal. Also when I am forging cap under the 250 lg I do a couple of passes and work both directions (flip it over and go from the other direction like what Peacock said). Might be trying to do to much in to little of space
  8. haha! Thats the best thing I have read all day
  9. lol oh this would be great found it: http://www.designmartus.com/#metal-work
  10. I REALLY like how you captured the tail. The whole piece is really nice, but that transition from body to tail was really done well
  11. Ill start it by hand to get my scale laid out then its scanned and swap between photoshop and autodesk sketch book
  12. :) Thank you, sir Hopefully get some pics of this soon. There is a rail that will be in the front to match as well but am not sure when I will start on that.
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