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  1. Hey guys Manley iron here but I prefer to be called Eric. Anyway I don't know if you guys know that I am now in Arizona as of October 4th and have moved from Alaska. but I wanted to know if there is any smiths close to peoria that I can talk to or hang with or that I can go to if I need some help since I am a fairly new smith.
  2. Lol sry for the confusion I just got my profile updated. Anyway I'm hoping to go to the pieh tool place that just opened up here in Phoenix. Oh also my gramma got me a going away gift. It's a railroad track bench anvil i will get some pics when my gramma ships it to me. Oh and how's it goin frosty make anything cool?
  3. I think this topic was misnamed by me sry guys it was supposed to be Arizona but I'm here and wanna start smithing soon and what do you mean it's cold? Is it cold in your location Thomas?
  4. Hey guys I made it to arizona last week and got all of my blacksmith stuff yesterday. I just wanted to let you guys know and keep you updated and I will post stuff here from time to time but I'm gonna try to get into the blacksmiths association here.
  5. And the face is not off it is just mushroomed between the Step and where the face begins
  6. According to anvils in america and basic design it looks like a buffalo forge co anvil. Weird lookin anvil though and don't know what kind of quality it is.
  7. Very true frosty and custom knives dude hehe.
  8. oh and it has a fuller but its kinda hard to see
  9. hey guys I just thought I would want to share with you that I recently inherited a knife that was given to my grandpa by my great grandpa filo. they have both passed away a long time ago so my grandma thought it was time to get some of his hunting gear. in a box was 2 knives one that was forged and one made in the 70s by Solingen. right now im going to show you the one that was forged at least I think was forged. sorry if the pictures turn out weird im working with an ipod lol
  10. Whatever the rod it was a good repair frosty and is really working for me. I got to forge a little but sticking to small things since I'm movin but once I get to Arizona I'm going all out as far as forging things
  11. I know it's just I would like an original sheath to put along side it I don't even wanna touch my sword with sandpaper or even buff it best just to leave it the way it is. What I would REALLY like is a Kyu gunto or aka type 95 katana man those things are cool but were mass produced so quality suffered and most of the time when they were brought back by vets From ww2 there kids played with them and dinged em up and were abused .now a real sengoku jidai (warring years) period katana that's a whole different story those katanas were turned out fast but still maintained the same quality as traditi
  12. Sweet man nice find I'm hopin to get a 200+ lbs trenton some day hay budden has some really cool history from what I have read in anvils in America James hay and Frederick budden started the company both being smiths they had this idea of making anvils and did it until about 1926 like you said. Anyway I'm not gonna give you a history lesson but nice find. get hot metal on that beauty as soon as possible!
  13. The pics are in my other anvil repair thread just go to the main topic menu thingy and click anvil repair it was posted up I think in July
  14. Sweet thanks for identifying this for me I'm hoping to hang it somewhere or try to get a sheath for it
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