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  1. Although I did not get to meet Ralph in person I felt I knew him from these forums. I always found him to be generous with his time and knowledge, courageous throughout his illness, always cheerful, always with a kind word to say for others. He will be missed, and our prayers are with his family, Dawn, Nathan, and Shannon, in their grief. He will be missed by all here!

  2. I have a Grizzly, and if you are just doing a few knives it is fine, in my opinion. Can't beat it for the price unless you're you're able to build one yourself. If I were in the business I'd probably have 3 or 4 different ones for different purposes, etc. If you've seen the VHS tapes on Pattern Welding by Jim Hrisoulis you will see an interesting variety of grinders and different quick changes to the set up.

  3. I see my kidney surgeon again on July 17th. I've made a note to ask him a few questions on this topic, and will report back.

    I'm thinking back to welding on the lower parts of corral panels (where they rust out most often), and thinking of many times on windless days tasting the zinc and blowing my nose and getting a yellowish white tinge........

    It is my understanding, and this is unsubstantiated by scientific research of the literature on my part, that (1) heavy metal poisoning is cumulative (2) that it stays in your body virtually forever.....

  4. I've welded a lot of corral panels, galvanized, always outside, and always from the upwind position, with a respirator the last few years only, before that I just "did the job".

    But, I just had a kidney removed for cancer and the docs say it can be a result of "exposure to industrial chemicals", and the zinc does come to my mind from time to time as an "industrial chemical".

    I recommend other ways to take a vacation and to spend your money on.

    If you want a power hammer but can't find the money ask yourself about coming up with the copay for the surgeon and hospital for kidney removal, and unless you are fortunate enough to have truly good health insurance you will find the answer the question on how to raise the power hammer money, but without a power hammer to show for it.

    So, my short answer is, don't do it.

  5. Woody,

    Beautiful knife. I have problems photographing steel up close also. Seems like natural light works best for me, the flash ruins everything if it pops off, and these digital cameras are harder to use than the older ones........sigh!

    Think I'll go read the blue print here on photographing steel again...

  6. The pathology report was better than the surgeon expected: confined to the right kidney, not spread at all, and GONE.

    The support from the blacksmithing community has been stronger than I expected, and it is has helped me immensely. Bless each and every one of you!

  7. Leah,
    Prayers for you and your mother have and will continue to be offered. When a stong and loving man, like your father passes, he does not leave a void, he leaves a legacy. He will always be with you and with your mother. His love will last forever, as will his presence. A person is never "gone", not as long as long as he is remembered.

  8. Thanks to all for the prayers, kind thoughts, and dog or cat belly rubbing. It all helped...a lot.

    Got home last night, and am busy.....doing nothing.....grin! Doc expects about 3 weeks and I can ride my horse, swing a hammer etc. Just have to do my part with walking, eating right and not overdoing it.

    Thanks to all! Much appreciated.

  9. Leah,
    Sounds like Geckos to me. Maybe you can get the Geico people to film a commerical there and make oodles of money to buy new tools with.....

    As far as I know the only poisionous lizard in the US in the arid southwest, the Gila Montster, and they are absolutley goregeous critters. OUr very own Thomas was getting injections of lizard saliva to help his diabetes, and developed beacy, shiny skin, and a funny way of slithering, a penchant for sunning himself on rocks, but we decided to just keep loving him anyway.

    I suspect when the food source is gone the lizards will simply move on. As far as I know you don't have to worry about else moving in to eat the lizards, their main enemies are birds......

  10. I have no problem with any adult building or operating any of the older machines, and agree that some OSHA stuff adds to the danger. Some of their requirements on new farm tractors verge on being deadly to the operator.

    There is no subsitute for knowledge and common sense. I just think full disclose of known hazards is the proper route to take. Someone reading about home built power hammers or an old Little Giant, etc, without any knowledge of the hazards they can pose is not receiving all of the knowledge they are entitled to. Oxy-acetylene torches are a great example of multiple hazards if operated by a non-knowledgable person.

    My Grizzly belt grinder is a potentially deadly tool; operating it is my choice, I am aware it can fling a sharp knife at high velocity for a goodly distance.

    Just know what you are getting into is my whole, and only point. Heck. life is dangerous. It is a proven fact. No one has ever gotten out of it alive. Grin!

  11. I concur. Very nice site. Had the pleasure of meeting Matt at John's flypress class last March, at Amy's. LOts of topics besides flypresses there, on Innovational Iron.

  12. Thanks Jim,

    Now I don't have to worry about finding time in the next two days to try PW under the press. I already know I can do it under the hamer, just need more practice and perfection of technique. Will be trying heavier hammer and letting gravity do most of the work as you described. Makes sense to me. Have the red iron oxide and boric acid ordered, so should have everything I need about the time I am ready to step up to the forge again....I figure about 3 weeks down time if all goes well. Will be concentrating on the 10xx series of steel, no Ni until the other technique is improved. There's a lot I can do in the shop while waiting to heal enough for a hammer swing....grinding billets clean, organizing and cleaning, welding up flypress tool holder with steel shelving to hold power hammer tools, just have to work within my limits.

  13. A friend, reading of my learning curve on welding up knive billets, asked me a rather obvious question (once you think about it). "Why don't you use your flypress for welding your billets?" An excellent question and I wanted to ask if anyone here had done forge welding on a flypress?

    I would run right out and give it a try, but have appointments outside for the next three days, then will be laid up for a bit due to some surgery, so I would love any information on this topic. Thanks!

  14. I am a firm believer in that most folks with a degree of metalworking talent can make real nice power hammers. Only thing I would like to see in any discussion of these shop built hammers are that the safety issues are well covered. Ptree's modified "Rusty" on Anvilfire's Power Hammer page is the best example I have seen of safety in action. His homemade hammer would pass an OSHA inspection!

    I was watching the Dave Manzer DVD over the weekend (#2 on power hammer tooling), and he pointing out his missing "trigger finger" and showed the glove he was wearing at the time, now stapled to the wall. Must have been incredibly painful, bloody and scary, and he was darned lucky not to lose the whole hand.

    There aren't enough of us to lose one to a dreadful accident, so Thank You in advance!

  15. You're going to love slitting barstock as long as it's not too thick; if it gets thick you'll need to heat it is all. I use a fence to keep a straight line.

  16. Well, it would be properly be a cold shut as the surfaces were black, but not a lot of crud. just not welded at all. I was stacking 7 or 8 layers of 1/8" stock together, about 6" long, and 1 " wide, like on your VHS tape. The heavier "bump" makes a lot of sense to me and that will be next on my list to try. Thank you!

  17. Well, I think my problems on the second billet were self inflicted (aren't they always?). My anyhdrous borax had not arrived and I used plain, that I think was a biggy. Also, I was tired from the day before and used too light of a hammer (2#). My 3# felt glued to the floor! Have a good 4# on order, didn't have one before, also a good 3# on order, my current 3# is good for some things but not for a welding hammer I think. Gotta have a good selection of the right hammers.

    I do have the borix acid on order as well as the red iron oxide (ceramic grade), so will fix up a brew. Someone asked me elsewhere if you were still using fluorspar, I said I would ask. That should be not too difficult to obtain, as I recall it is primary ingredient in Bartender's Friend, but I also recall that it is quite toxic if memory serves me right.

    Now if I understood your formula right, I would take say 5 ounces of Anhydrous borax, 1 ounce of boric acid and 1/2 ounce of red iron oxide. Just making sure I understand correctly as I want to get it right.

    Will weld up another billet with the anyhdrous borax and a bigger hammer, would like to do it before Wednesdays snip and take party, but it may not get done. Depends on other things I must do.

    Thanks again for all of your generous help; I do appreciate!

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