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  1. Masonred you don't need an anvil a block of steel will work just fine until you find one you can afford. I started out with the back side of a machinist vice. Then got an anvil. When i teach i have a set of blocks with legs welded on for a lesser term a striking anvil. If a student dents it or chips an edge I can just clean it up with an angle grinder. Had a old Farrier show up to watch me teach at the end of the class he pulled me aside. he was skeptical at first but after the class he said"that's the only way to go" .Farriers use a thing called a Stall Jack small and efficient for shaping shoes. You can make one very inexpensively
  2. chris C What type of welder do you have? That can effect the quality of your weld not brand but the type.
  3. Dave in pa Here is a picture from a Railroad catalog that was printed between 1850 and 1860.I would think they would be a good guide for the time period
  4. Nice looking tongs. Why is it that now days people are doing the weld at the rounded end. If you look at the old videos they do it on the side not the rounded part of the link
  5. you should not use a water can with a cast fire pot. A mop is much safer. Hot cast iron and water = crack.
  6. well Viking style tongs have been around longer than flat jaw tongs
  7. turn that monster mall in to an oliver hammer. It can be built with a wooden frame Then you will have a helping hand
  8. maybe it was the available stock at the time the rolling mills all produced round stock. So the style was developed out of practicality.
  9. Francis Trez Cole

    RR Tongs

    now that's going in the right direction Dimensions for Standard Tongs.docx
  10. that is a good way to start. Keep working at it. practice half face hammer blows and you will be making tongs in no time
  11. Francis Trez Cole

    RR Tongs

    rail road spikes make good tongs. I have several. One comment don't make your jaws to thin. I have posted the Machinist hand book measurements for tongs in the past it is a good guide to use when making tongs. It will help you make tongs that will last a long time Keep at it.
  12. the biggest problem I have seen with people trying to forge weld is heat. You have to get a good saturating heat. That means you metal has to be the same heat and the right temperature. With out over heating.
  13. Arftist Nope I know just how many I can deal with at one time
  14. I heard On "Wait Wait don't tell me" To many irons in the fire came from the Laundry.