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    Dale's Rebar Bottle Opener

    A tool made from rebar that even Chopper Dale could use.
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  3. rthibeau


    always need multiple use tools
  4. Das, ausfire........I've setup/run a few websites for others...you provide the content, I put it on the internet....it's free for me sample....... ockairon.dfforge.com
  5. hmmmmm..........that piece would go a long way in trade for "stuff" when you get here....and it'd get delivered!! ..
  6. fantastic work !! Where does it reside? OBTW, when taking a pic of your work, throw a bedsheet over the bench/table to hide all the clutter..then place the item...the focus will then be on the piece
  7. depends on the location of the hammer...and the exact condition of it
  8. "very talented and devilishly charming blacksmith" ??? where in the world is one of them??? OBTW, nice hammers Nick
  9. Bottle opener with cut twists Split crosses with wood grain and brass finish
  10. Bottle Opener after the curse was defeated...
  11. I use a 2 x 42 Craftsman belt sander for all my needs for hammers, tools, etc. I do not make blades and that is a different animal altogether. IMHO, the 2 x 42 would do well for anyone but a pro blade maker.
  12. ummmm.........Thomas, check yer blood sugar level ......drive "under" an elk??
  13. rthibeau

    Extra Fries ???

    but I thought you said..........
  14. get over yerself......just make a bottom blast, side draft, forge like us Yanks...plenty of pics in the Gallery for you.....
  15. leave the metal alone......properly made/handled.......you should never need to worry about doing anything to the handle (except breaking it)/....
  16. Frosty...send me a few hundred pounds of halibut or salmon...
  17. no, but now you mention it...while you were here, what did marcy do to my forge ??? I tried forge welding a shaft to a braided handle and it just wouldn't take...WTF ????
  18. wow....here in northern Michigan lower peninsula we got/had over 3 feet of snow.....deeper where it piles up from the snowblower I can emphasize, a few years ago the wife finally let me buy a snowblower and it sat for a long while before it snowed enough to use it.
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