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  1. "..For all the effort involved, I really only need to find one person who likes the knife enough.." and how much is enough ??......
  2. Horse shoe coat rack ... with two horse shoe hoof picks in front
  3. Never seen copper look that color before .... interesting ......
  4. Can't get this idea out of my head. Was thinking of an exhaust fan in the wall, just above the coal forge firepot, to vent all instead of the traditional chimney arrangement. Unorthodox maybe, but it should work just fine ..... wouldn't it ? I'm going to be building a new shop and that thought popped up on me. Seems it would suck the smoke and fumes out just like a conventional side draft setup. .... (waiting to hear Frosty's input ) ....
  5. hmmm......seems I have had success with forging the hammer to shape, punch the eye, drift to size, heat to nonmagnetic, quench, heat w/ torch in and around the eye 'til the colors run.....fully quench at a light bronze on the faces. All in a nonstop sequence, one session one hammer head.
  6. shucks, by the thread title I thought he just needed a woman.... my bad
  7. SpeedyMetals.com has 1045 in 2" square, 24" = $61.78; also 4140 cold rolled 24" = $76.75 or de-carb free 24" = $96.92 I used Arlo Steel and Peerless steel to get 8' lengths hammer material
  8. I prefer 1 3/4" square stock for hammers.....almost anything 1045 - 1080 carbon steel can be used....also O1, 4340, 4140, as well as other alloys
  9. remove another frustration in your life...you don't need no more anxiety.......start with a 100' x 200' cavern inside a stone mountain and go fer it !!!!!
  10. doesn't matter the maker.....how much the guy want for it??
  11. hey kid .... is "threading the ends" the same thing as tapping them ??
  12. my solution to that problem is fairly simple. I make sure they understand that if they later cause me troubles, I'll just ....... ummm, nevermind
  13. need 48 hours notice .. will take care of any problems ...
  14. Dabb ... I have a flintlock Trade Gun .... come get it and use it for a model ... ... on the other hand..... put me in your will, if'n youse try to make one yerself ....
  15. IMHO ... rebar usually can be found real cheap, relatively speaking.....so it's good to practice on. Can be used for S Hooks, etc in the shop......NOT for anything serious ....
  16. Das, you're a master of these things. The fly is great - anatomically correct too. Flies have two wings. Really, how many toes does a frog have ??? Please bring that fly here when you come back...I'll give it a good home ...
  17. made a set of campfire tongs and a forge fire rake. Handle of forge rake is a jeremy k wizard head.
  18. I buy case lots from AAAbrasives .... https://www.aaabrasives.com/4x5-8-80-zirc-t-29-angled-abrasive-flap-disc-big-max-phenolic-backing
  19. In my shop today.....I broke the handle on my shop broom. I've had it for years, but not to let anything go to waste and for its sentimental value ....I repaired it. After an hour or so, I was done. Then, I thought I should take pics of it .... just to show off ya know .... but then I realized, all this effort was for a $5 broom ......I embarrassed myself . The duct tape was to hide the screws holding it together. For that professional finish, ya know??
  20. make your stock stands (3rd hands, jack type support) adjustable by using pipe for the stem....one piece sleeves into the larger to slide the adjustment up or down. The outer pipe has a hole drilled into one side, a nut welded to the hole and a "T' handle welded to the bolt fitting the nut ... this locks the inner pipe in place..... could use an eye bolt just need enough to give torque to lock the pipes in place.
  21. are the two ends welded onto the square bar ? or forged out from the main body ?
  22. rebar for a hammer should be at least 1.75" diameter. I've made a couple and they worked well, I guess, but one owner died and the other is in poor health, so odds are it's a health hazard..........(and no the purple paint wasn't responsible) .....
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