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  1. Hi Alan Thanks for the advice I'll let try a different oil and cycle front cylinder. Will let you know how that works.
  2. Sorry about that I'm not familiar with protocol thanks for the heads up.
  3. These posts have been merged, posting the same thing in multiple places is spamming. Please try to be more thoughtful in the future.
  4. Hello this is my first time asking for help on IforgeIron even though i am regularly referring to past forums for advise. I am working on an older Kuhn power hammer it is a K23 from I believe the mid 90s. It is the older style with the cylinder exhaust chamber in the top back of the hammer. So here my problem. There is not enough oil getting to the front cylinder of the hammer. I have adjusted the oiler to fully open and then to just before closed and everywhere in between. What seems to be happening is that most if not all of the oil goes in the back cylinder and into the 3 way valve on the top air passage and strait up to the exhaust chamber. I know this because of the excessive amount of oil draining from this exhaust chamber. I have taken both the tops of the cylinders off to check the condition of the cylinders they look fine. The hammer is also hitting well and doesn't seem to be loosing much air as in the front cylinder doesn't just drop when turned off. Could my oil be to thick? I am using 30 weight non detergent which is what the operating manual suggested. Could there not be enough resist from the exhaust? Is that a thing? This is a great hammer and has probably taken a lot of abuse due to the fact that it is in an educational environment. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks Nick