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  1. lol thanks guys. no, i'm not insulted, I just tend to be straight forward when answering or asking a question. I understand where you are coming from and yes I should have put more information on what I was wanting. Happily you answered my entire question and easily more and yes I am not experienced enough to do this but I am going to try anyway so I can learn how hard it can be and maybe learn things that I can adapt to other projects. Thanks for your experience and knowledge... I think :)
  2. I've been black smithing for two years and live in murphy nc. I have been to John C. Campbell folk school quite a bit and know what I have to do to work a forge and all. I have mad knives before and am just curious what would be a good steel for a strong blade since im not good with chemistry. Thank you all for the suggestions though.
  3. I am wanting to make a machete for my use and maybe make a nice katana. I know not to use mild steel but besides that I know basically nothing about what steel is good and bad. I am wanting to try something besides leaf spring. Any suggestions from the masters?
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