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    I am very interested in bladesmithing and blacksmithing, as well as apothecary and my dad is a master flint knapper I am just making stuff with ferrous materials instead.

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  1. Yes I do understand that it does have a clashing culture. And yes I am going to wrap the handle in leather and add a guard when i can. Thank you and yes I did! Thank you for the advice! I really appreciate it!
  2. Hi, I am working on a sword from a piece of weld steel I think around 1040 steel. I etched it with Old Norse runes and a design on the other side. I also half polished the patina to give it a worn look. The handle is hickory wood and riveted with brass. All that is left is the grinding to shape it slightly. Constructive criticism and suggestions would help!
  3. Is there a way to make bellows out of everyday material besides the pipe hairdryer way because all i have is galvanized steel pipe and that's a danger if it gets hot and emits Zn gas. Any ideas?
  4. I've heard that if you scrub yellow hot steel with a brass brush it turns it a mild gold color.
  5. Made this hawk form a RR spike wrapped around the handle as well and used a old shovel handle cut in half for the handle and carved a spiral design in the handle.
  6. made this hawk from a HC railroad spike wrapped around the wood and a hickory handle and carved and burnt a sort of interesting design in.
  7. made this from a long bent railroad nail and it works well as a machete.
  8. ferrousnewb77

    4 Oyster Knives

    4 oyster knives i made from HC railroad spikes, I twisted them and polished the blade, the other side also works as a culling iron.
  9. ferrousnewb77

    8 in. Blade Knife

    Smithed this one from some stock steel from a tractor supply store, tempered and a chestnut handle
  10. How do i do the computer wax and salt water etching?
  11. Ok thanks guys I'll post my best knife so far its not polished because I don't have a belt grinder yet but I kinda like the dark steel look anyways but here it is...I added the bend in the knife to give it a original look. I don't know the carbon content of the steel but I did harden and temper it and then sharpen it with a grinder and then a old fashioned whetstone. The handle is made of chestnut.
  12. Hey guys, I'm new to this website and I've been blacksmithing for about 7 months now and i have made several knives and other stuff like tomahawks but i was wondering what is the best kind of steel to use on a smithed knife? Also is there any way to sort of burn a image or symbol into the blade? I've heard from a few people that certain acids can permanently stain steel and if i make a wax stencil and pour it on the steel it will do such. If there is a acid that can do that what is it? And last is wood or coal better for smithing a knife? Thanks guys!
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