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  1. Part of the gig for Japanese smiths using them for bladesmithing is the Japanese anvil and all their forging is down low to the ground on one knee and or fully sitting. I have seen the strikers use large dog legs while standing up but the anvil top was still only maybe 8 inches from the ground. Before I started and completed my blacksmith apprenticeship I had been bladesmithing for a couple years and to thought a dogleg hammer was a bladesmithing only thing. The Blacksmith I later apprenticed under was a fellow with well over 200 hammers of various ages and styles and I quickly was school
  2. "Japanese" Hammers arent really Japanese per-say. That kinda gotthrown around 10 or 15 years ago by us Bladesmiths who were doing Japanese influenced work at Don Foggs. Dogleg and Sawyers hammers are same thing. Weight forward and in your case a pretty rounded face is going to move alot of steel as will any rounding hammer. Good digs, watch your forearm
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