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  1. I've been attempting to setup a home smithy shop for 40 years. When I was a young guy scouring the desert area around Mojave, CA with my buddies, I came across a repair shop at the Silver Queen Mine, just south of Mojave. I remember popping my head in and saw several workers swinging hammers down on a bent glowing red rod, hammering it straight. The anvil is what caught my eye. 28 years later, I was doing some work for oil companies in Bakersfield, CA and was reading a local classified and came across an ad for "an old anvil". I called the number listed and arranged to see it. The gent explained that he got it from the Silver Queen Mine blacksmith shop. Needless to say, I paid too much and lugged it away. I have moved numerous times and it always moved with me. About 25 years ago, I purchased an unused cavalry hand crank portable forge blower with legs and a tuyere smothered in cosmoline. These items have also moved with me, in anticipation of setting up the shop. Now, I am retired and am looking to find a home for the blower and tuyere. The anvil is a lifetime keeper. I enjoy reading the entries. Keep them coming. Mojave Roadkill Cafe