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  1. aim.bot

    Bar Trap Thing3

    Some teeth. Don't ask about the sense of humour - there's no sense to it.
  2. aim.bot

    Bear Trap Thing2

    The mechanics would probably work (even though I couldn't find any plans and was winging the desing based on photos online) except I disengaged the springs. They weren't spring steel anyways, and I rather not have had my fingers chopped off while I was welding the inside.
  3. aim.bot

    Bear Trap Thing

    A werid bear trap creature... Just having fun. It's got a mouth and legs.
  4. aim.bot

    Clock Frame Close Up

    See the missing texture? Otherwise, it was a really fun (and akward) shape to work with. The clock is a cheap peice from Lee Valley.
  5. aim.bot

    Clock Frame

    This is a gift i made for a music student last year. I REALLY regret not texturing the full span of the bar! Live and learn.
  6. this is awesome - i'm just setting up shop (for the first time) and now i know what i'm making to hold my hammers... thanks!
  7. There's a good chance it is, i got it from a farm.
  8. aim.bot

    Rebar Snake

    my first attempt at any type of face.

    © AMT

  9. I still have to oil and bolt the handle in, but I'm happy with it so far. The real test will be seeing how well the shape works for skinning.

    © AMT

  10. so much better than a bicycle chain hold down... thanks!
  11. ah man! i'm jealous. that's exactly the blower i've been looking to snag. i use one now, but i'd like one of my own. seems as if nobody in canada wants to give them up (i'm sure with good reason).
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