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  1. This is the bottle opener for the third Spanish National swap of bottle openers.
  2. This is the first National exchange of bottle openers. The blacksmiths had to forge a bottle opener and shipping it to another blacksmith. Regards 1_Intercambio_Abridores.mp4
  3. Hello!!!! The neodymium magnet, diameter Ø4'5mm and 1'5 thickness. I had to make a special punch for the nails and hole to neodymium magnet. The stock bar is 25x5mm. I want to show the bones. I like you like it Regards.
  4. Hi. This is my bottle openner. Greetings from Spain
  5. Hi guys. I'm happy you like it. Thank you for replies. Regards.
  6. Hello. I'm Jesús Morcillo, "Morcy" I'm blacksmith from Spain This is my first post and video tutorial. In this video we learn to make a swage block. In this web page you can download the file for laser cutting I hope you like. Regards