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  1. My biggest problem is my neighbor wants to buy the land I live on. The landowner doesn't want to sell it I'm kinda caught up with the mess. My landowner doesn't want him calling aggravating him all the time and my neighbor thinks the more he calls I will have to move (then he can be alone like he has been for years out here) and or he can pester the landowner long enough he will just sell the land. The decision has been made the place isn't getting sold but the landowner does need access to the rear behind the pond to timber this access must go on neighbors land thefore he wants civil peace with him. I will do everything I can to keep it quiet (Free Rent on 200 acres with a cabin on a fish pond helps) hopefully I can just work when he isn't there or keep my future anvil quiet. The neighbor being a retired homebody I have my work cut out for me lol
  2. Yeah i believ it will be a problem I have already had to let my Bluetick stay at a buddies house cause he bawled once or twice whenever I came home during the daytime. If I owned this place i would tell him to leave me alone....But since I am getting to live here free of charge I have to make him and my landowner happy
  3. I can bed it down if that will do the trick As much as he burns the smoke doesn't bother me There is no chance of him coming towards my house HATE is a term used in our "relationship" 2 mile dirt road and only 2 houses 200 yards apart and we aren't neighborly in the slightest bit...
  4. Ever had neighbors complain because of the constant banging?
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